BTS Butter: Here’s why the K-pop band’s latest English single is making everyone melt this summer!


K-pop band BTS has released their second English single Butter today. The track is cheerful, charismatic and peppy as band members sway smoothly to its catchy lyrics and funky music. The song is surely making the BTS Army aka fans melt like butter. Here’s why it’s got everyone swaying to its beats:

The Members

Jungkook’s purple-blue hair, Suga’s rap and Jin’s verse stand out in Butter. However, Butter is near perfect when it comes to line distribution. Each and every member gets almost an equal amount of centre stage time with words as well as choreography and we couldn't be happier about it.

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The lyrics go as such, "Smooth like butter / Like a criminal undercover / Gon' pop like trouble / Breakin' into your heart like that / Cool shade stunner / Yeah I owe it all to my mother / Hot like summer / Yeah I'm makin' you sweat like that,” and if you get the drift, Butter has the ability to be on everyone’s lips and playlists.


Butter’s choreography is so bang-on-point and the seven BTS members dance like heaven with no step out of sync. The steps are fluid, easy to copy and put every member of the group in spotlight. The song definitely will get everyone groove to it.

Music Video

The music video of BTS’ Butter is sinfully attractive. The colours of yellow, orange, brown, purple and pink gives the entire song a familiar vibe making it visually appealing to look at and vibrant.

Tribute to the ARMY

In one particular scene, the members make up a formation with their bodies that spells out "A R M Y", giving homage to their millions of fans who vouch for the band.

What makes Butter a winner is the fact that it is a perfect song with cool dance steps, amazing lyrics, great direction and pop singers who command millions of fans. It has potential to be the Song of the Year and we’re sure no one’s going to complain about it. Hopefully, they will win a Grammy Award for Butter this year. 

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