Judge gives Britney Spears the freedom to choose her own lawyer to help end the 13-year-long conservatorship


Three weeks after her first explosive testimony, pop singer Britney Spears approached the court again via telephone. On Wednesday, Britney reportedly told the court that she wanted to "press charges" against her father Jamie Spears who has been her conservator for 13 years. According to reports, she further told that she thought her life is under threat. Judge Brenda Penny, who heard Britney in the court on Wednesday, ruled that the pop singer could appoint her own lawyer to help end the conservatorship that was termed as 'cruelty'.  

Accepted the resignation of Britney's previous lawyer, Judge Brenda Penny accepted the pop singer's new choice, Mathew Rosengart, to represent her. Talking to the media, Mathew said that he would file a petition "as soon as possible" to remove Jamie as the conservator and suggested he should simply step down. "We will be filing a petition as soon as possible to move Mr Spears, subject to our formal retention," he told. 

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Mathew further asked, "Why is Mr Spears not voluntarily stepping down?"He then added, "He does not belong in this conservatorship anymore. And we believe he should voluntarily step down immediately."

In the month of June, Britney appealed to the court to end her conservatorship and said, "I just want my life back." She accused her father of not letting her marry her boyfriend and have children. However, in July, the Judge refused to accept her request to remove her father as her sole conservator. 

(Source: Inputs from ANI)