Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler want to do a film with Drew Barrymore and end the ‘better movie wife’ debate


Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston want to do a movie with former’s frequent collaborator Drew Barrymore to finally end the debate on who is the better “movie wife”. Drew and Jennifer have each starred in three movies with Adam as his romantic interest or wife and share a great friendship with him off-screen too.

Recently, when Adam received the Mark Twain Prize for American Humour, Drew and Jennifer performed a skit about the fact that they have both played his romantic interest in multiple films over the years. Now, in an interview on Good Morning America on Wednesday to promote their upcoming film Murder Mystery 2, Adam and Jennifer spoke about the skit and the comparisons between the latter and Drew. They also said that they want to do a film together to just put an end to this feud and have been pitching a film with Drew.

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During the show, Jennifer said, “We thought we'd be funny because there was a Twitter thing a couple years ago, and they're always sort of comparing us, who's the better movie wife or movie love, so we just thought we'd do a little bit on that.” When Adam was asked about Drew looking for a new film to star in, he said, “Jennifer's gonna write it,” and the actress added and said, “We want to do all three of us together and just put an end to this competition.”Adam then added and said, “There's no competition. Just two great ladies. That would be amazing, doing a movie all together. Absolutely.”

Jennifer and Adam’s film Murder Mystery 2 releases on Netflix on March 31, 2023. It is the sequel to Murder Mystery.

(Source: Good Morning America)