Gujju people on Sunday morning to get Jalebi and fafda to toxic relationship. netizens get creative with Tom Cruise's sprint in Mission: Impossible- Dead Reckoning Part One


When Tom Cruise runs, he really 'RUNS'. Just a day ahead of the release of this year's biggest film, Mission: Impossible- Dead Reckoning Part One, which is expected to take a monstrous opening not just in India but globally, fans are going crazy talking about the iconic sprint by Tom Cruise in the film. So much so that the hashtag #RunsLikeTomCruise has been trending on Twitter with some really funny fan banter. One fan compared Tom Cruise's sprint to MS Dhoni's run between the wickets. Another one compared his run to the food delivery guy's run in order to deliver food on time. There are a few more interesting ones:

"Toxic relationship se #RunsLikeTomCruise aise hi bhag jao bahut due."


"Jab Bhi Dost ka Birthday Ho to #RunsLikeTomCruise Party lene ke liye..Birthday ka."

Dhoni #RunslikeTomCruise, oh wait he used to run like tom cruise between the wickets.

Guju people #RunsLikeTomCruise on every sunday morning to get Jalebi and fafda

Food Delivery guys #RunsLikeTomCruise to deliver our food on time,
thanks to all our food delivery bhaiyyas

I #RunslikeTomCruise whenever mummy says 'motar band kar de' 


Spotting an empty parking spot near the entrance, drivers #RunsLikeTomCruise to secure it before someone else takes it!

Spotting a new episode of a favourite anime, fans #RunsLikeTomCruise to grab their headphones and dive into the latest animation!

College student #RunsLikeTomCruise to reach the class on time and fulfill their 75% attendance criteria

Everyone runs like Tom Cruise when they're asked to fill bottles for fridge #RunsLikeTomCruise

Waking up late for work, I #RunsLikeTomCruise to get ready in record time and avoid being late!