Aamir hates bathing, Virat saunters shirtless


Even generally Virat Kohli does not need much persuasion to speak about his ladylove. His social media pages are filled with adorable proof of his love for Anushka Sharma. So, naturally, when he gets on a show with Aamir Khan for a candid chat to discuss life, love and everything in between, it was natural that he would give us a nice peek into their relationship.

Asked by Aamir about the one thing that he hates and the one thing he loves about his girlfriend, Virat didn’t have to think twice before saying, “One thing that I love about her is that she is honest and caring. I don’t hate anything about her as such but what I dislike is that she is always 5- 7 minutes late.” Girls will go ‘Huh??’ – 7 minutes is a minuscule delay but apparently it irks the punctuality-obsessed Virat. But that’s a small irritant; when he says she has improved him as a person over the past three to four years, it’s awww-inducing stuff.

Aamir, who has been busy shooting for his forthcoming film, Secret Superstar, had flown down from Singapore for the chat show.

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Besides the love stuff, the show threw up some interesting details about both Aamir and Virat. Videos were played for both, which featured each of their close friends divulging what they liked and disliked about the two of them. So, there’s Kohli's India and RCB teammate KL Rahul to be seen praising his Captain’s fitness, improvement in game, and responsible nature. But we love it more when he reveals that Virat shows off a lot and is always walking around shirtless in the dressing room! Oh, and also that he’s always on his phone. (Do we have Anushka to blame here??)

There were some laughs targeted at Aamir too. Zaira Wasim, the star of Secret Superstar, revealed that Aamir never takes a bath and keeps the air-conditioner at the lowest temperature! A bathing-allergic Aamir? We like this secret spilling game more and more!