5 films we are re-watching this Children’s Day


1. Gattu

Why? We want to fall in love again with the gutsy 9-year-old orphan Gattu, who works in his uncle’s garbage recycling business, even as his heart beats for the thrills of kite flying.His desire to vanquish the black kite Kali, leads him to a school where he pretends to be a student and even weaves a web of lies to impress his classmates.All this, to keep his dream of conquering the black kite alive. A must-watch that reignites hope even in the most cynical.


2. Taare Zameen Par

Why? A heart-warming glimpse into the life and imagination of the artistically gifted Ishaan, whose parents react to his poor academic performance by sending him to a boarding school.His new art teacher suspects he is dyslexic and eventually helps him overcome his disability. A tear-jerker, a heartstring-puller, this film is all that and more!

3. Chillar Party

Why? What’s not to love about this entertainer, which is a tale of grit and determination! Centred around the carefree life of a group of innocent, feisty kids of Chandan Nagar colony, matters take a twist when circumstances lead them to challenge the world of politics when the life of one of their friends is endangered. A children’s film with a gigantic spirit, this one.

4. The Blue Umbrella

Why? Loved the short story penned by Ruskin Bond? You’ll probably love this Vishal Bhardwaj directorial even more. With Shreya Sharma and Pankaj Kapur in the lead roles, the film revolves around the changes a pretty blue umbrella wreaks in the lives of young Binya, the wily shopkeeper Khatri, and the villagers of a small hamlet in Himachal Pradesh. A tale of forgiveness and letting go, this National Award-winning film is fulfilling on many levels.

5. Haathi Mere Saathi

Why? One of the biggest hits of 1971, it matched the flavour of a Disney with an Indian twist. The tale of the orphaned Raju and his beloved elephants especially Ramu, who he is closest too, is replete with emotion, love and sacrifice. Leading lady Tanjua recalled how, when Kajol watched the film at the age of 6, she blamed her mother for the death of Ramu and did not speak to her for two weeks! This Rajesh Khanna-starrer still retains its magic.