#PeepingMoon2017: Celebrity Stylists Of The Year!


With curtains closing and the year finally ending, it’s about time we give a huge shout-out to all the style gurus who totally killed the red-carpet, the entire year. Just like our style beacons would be lost without their muse, our beloved celebs too wouldn’t survive, more like barely scrape by the test of red-carpet, if not for these style savants. Call them their beauty squad, style gurus, wardrobe genies or even Santa’s elves, these guys are the reason your favorite A-lister’s have their style game on fleek.

They’re amazing at shopping. They make your divas go from drab to fab. Plus, they make their A-list clients look like they’ve just stepped out of a glossy magazine. Make way for these behind-the-scenes guys, who’ve helped our Tinseltown celebs ace red carpet fashion, like a boss!

Shaleena Nathani

The stylist who’s on Deepika Padukone’s speed dial is wholly and solely responsible for transforming Deepika into the woman that she is today. Deepika, who’s hailed as India’s style icon has this sartorial genie  backing her up. The actress can thank Nathani for her successful run on the red-carpet. From her recent metallic appearance at the Lux Golden Red Carpet to her risqué desi ensemble, at the GQ event, Ms. Nathani is the mastermind behind it all. Shaleena, can you puhlease give us a crash course on styling, as well!!

Ami Patel

Call her the one-man-army behind a slew of A-listers like Kangana Ranaut, Priyanka Chopra, and Alia Bhatt, Ami Patel has come a long, long way. Be it helping our divas to push their fashion envelope or starting sartorial campaigns along with Piggy Chops #Itscooltorepeat, Ami Patel has been there and done it all. Plus, we have Ami to thank for Alia’s constant envy-inducing and on-point sartorial wardrobe. CC: The Zuhair Murad gown on Alia!

Rhea Kapoor

The Kapoor sisters can clearly do no wrong! Sonam, on her own, is one of the biggest fashion force to be reckoned with. Now when you put Rhea and Sonam together, it can’t get any more lethal! You can pretty much compare the two to King Midas, they touch anything and everything and it pretty much turns into gold! Clearly, these two can never, ever pick a bad outfit!

Allia Al Rufai

Allia has a penchant for turning fresh-faced actresses into full-blown red carpet stars. The stylist is hugely responsible for transforming Anushka’s tomboy avatar. Allia is a pro when it comes to working her magic on Mrs. Kohli while keeping her personality in mind.

Aastha Sharma

‘Will the real Cinderella please stand up!’ Rings a bell? Aishwarya Rai was seen breaking the internet with on-point red-carpet moments at Cannes. Cannes pretty much solidified her position in the industry. Let’s hear it for Aastha, who besides Aish has a string of hit red-carpet dressings.

Mohit Rai

The man has been swishing his magical wand one celebrity at a time. Remember when Sonakshi came out channeling her inner Beyoncé at IIFA or when she stepped out looking like Kim K’s doppelganger? What about when Esha Gupta was spotted in a Nikhil Thampi number while paying homage to the legendary designer, looking haute AF! Say Hello to the man behind these powerful ladies - Mr. Mohit Rai! Looks like nothing, we mean nothing, can damper this man’s stellar series on the red-carpet!

Nitasha Gaurav

The woman needs no introduction! Ranveer Singh pretty much does all the talking, in this lady’s case. Ranveer ‘quirky’ Singh can pretty much thank his stylist for bringing out his fun and upbeat element and translating it into his day-to-day attire. There ain’t no dull moments in Mr. Ranveer Singh’s life. Courtesy- His wardrobe! No matter what be the occasion, Nitasha and Ranveer always give us something to look forward to. And, we’re digging it!


Tanya Ghavri

Browsing through her IG can become a painful task, especially when you need to pick one favorite outfit. Tanya has a roster of A-list clients in her kitty. But our personal favorite would be Janhvi Kapoor walking out in this golden, sparkly dress by Manish Malhotra. *drool*

Nikita Jaisinghani

One cannot talk about the topmost celeb stylist without mentioning Nikita Jaisinghani. This woman is solely responsible for Karan Johar slaying it in style, throughout the year. From the looks of his Insta page, no person is having a ball with fashion as much as Mr. Karan Johar is having! And we’re digging every bit of it! The saying ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’ holds so true in KJo’s and Nikita’s case, at least on the sartorial front. Say HELLO to the mastermind behind KJo’s wardrobe – Nikita Jasinghani.

Anisha Jain

The genie behind all the dapper men in the industry. From Shahid Kapoor to Varun Dhawan, Anisha is the one to blame for all the raising temperature in Tinseltown. But what really sealed the deal for us, was Shahid's go-to stylist working her sartorial magic on wifey Mira Rajput at the Conde Nast event. Score!