Peeping in The Future with Sanjay B Jumaani | Weekly Numerology Predictions


Weekly Predictions 

Number 1 (SUN)

(Those born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th in any month)

You might probably be open to taking life as it comes. However, people around you may not allow that liberty, and keep nagging about the unpleasant circumstances. Try to be tolerant towards them, and understand their behavior to be able to deal with them at a mature humane level. There could be small troubles in personal relationships but with time they shall get resolved automatically.

Lucky Days: Tuesday, Friday & Saturday

Number 2 (MOON)

(Those born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th in any month)

A professional approach towards colleagues would be able to get you the desired co-operation rather than an emotional one. Try to be realistic, and not go out of the way to do things for people who may talk behind your back. There would be chances of hearing news of financial gains from un-speculated channels. You might also be able to change your routine in life.

Lucky Days: Tuesday, Friday & Saturday

Number 3 (JUPITER)

(Those born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th in any month)

Loved ones might understand your dilemma in life, and be instrumental in helping you deal with the situation that you have probably been facing alone. Students shall be able to get the appropriate advice for their career related issues, which would make them take decisions accordingly. Try to be tolerant with people who criticize you without any reason and do not over react.

Lucky Days: Monday & Thursday

Number 4 (URANUS)

(Those born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st in any month)

The week ahead could probably bring in some surprises for people who are looking forward to getting into a relationship in their life. Avoid expectations about an ideal situation or you may have to face discontentment. Creative people could face some dissatisfaction while translating their ideas into real practical applications at their work place.

Lucky Days: Tuesday, Friday & Saturday

Number 5 (MERCURY)

(Those born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd in any month)

You might probably feel the need to slow down a bit and take time to think before you progress ahead in life. There may also be an immense need to connect to people at all levels and understand the way you can better things for them and yourself as well. Financial situation could also be in the process of stabilizing, and give you the much –needed peace of mind.

Lucky Days: Sunday & Monday

Number 6 (VENUS)

(Those born on the 6th, 15th and 24th in any month)

The first part of the week might be a good time for people who would want to make investments or buy some stocks. Nevertheless, be moderate in your expectations to avoid disappointments. People planning to make a career shift or job change might probably find themselves coming across plenty of opportunities. Try to avoid taking decisions based on your intuition and apply logic to all your decisions.

Lucky Days: Monday & Thursday

Number 7 (NEPTUNE)

(Those born on the 7th, 16th and 25th in any month)

Life might not always be as exciting as a roller coaster ride as you want it to be. However people around you, and the way they see you as a person makes it interesting & motivating for you to carry on in spite of some minor glitches. Loved ones might probably extend their full support for your future plans. This might make you take things in a serious vein and progress steadily.

Lucky Days: Tuesday, Friday & Saturday

Number 8 (SATURN)

(Those born on the 8th, 17th and 26th in any month)

The way you conduct yourself, and the way you express your thoughts would probably be an inspiration for a lot of people in your life. This quality in you can also earn you some unpleasant experiences, but your zest for life does not let it bog you down. Personal relationships if strained might get sorted out during the latter part of the week, and shall also be strengthened in the process.

Lucky Days: Sunday, Monday & Friday

Number 9 (MARS)

(Those born on the 9th, 18th and 27th in any month)

The week shall begin with a bang as far as professional projects are concerned. There can be instances where the support of your colleagues would come just in time, aiding you to take quick decisions. This might probably hasten your chamber of accomplishing more in a very less duration. Financial association made during the week would prove beneficial for uplifting your status in life.

Lucky Days: Monday & Thursday