A Sooryavanshi cake for 5-year-old Akshay Kumar fan Vivaan Jain!


A Happy Birthday to Vivaan Jain of Ghatkopar in Mumbai. He is five. A Junior KG student of Universal High School. Vivaan is Akshay Kumar’s biggest fan. This year for his birthday, Vivaan wanted a Sooryavanshi cake. With Police written on it. And a police jeep model parked beside Akshay who is in khaki. Also on the cake are a pair of Akshay’s sunglasses from Sooryavanshi.

All this because Vivaan likes to be called Sooryavanshi! In two months, Vivaan has watched Akshay’s cop universe action drama an incredible 10 times. Which is not funny because when Rohit Shetty set out to make Sooryavanshi in 2019 with Akshay, Katrina Kaif, Ajay Devgn and Ranveer Singh, Vivaan was just two years old. He has a lot of catching up to do because he is determined to see all the earlier box office hit films of his superhero. Considering Akshay’s huge volume of work in Bollywood, Vivaan has a lot of cinema to see.

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PeepingMoon.com wishes the young man the great positive energy, hearty enthusiasm, sunny cheerfulness and fearlessness of Akshay Kumar himself.