Delhi Crime Review: Netflix original series based on Nirbhaya’s gruesome rape case is gripping, taut and superbly staged


Series: Delhi Crime

Creator: Richie Mehta

Cast: Shefali Shah, Rasika Dugal, Rajesh Tailang, Adil Hussain, Anurag Arora, Jaya Bhattacharya, Gopal Dutt, Vinod Sharawat, Sanjay Bishnoi

Rating:  4 Moons

The Netflix original series Delhi Crime bring to the screens one of the most gruesome crimes ever committed. Created and directed by Richie Mehta the series depicts the events of the Nirbhaya rape case that jolted the nation and brought several laws to be changed in the country. The seven-episode series opens with the discovery of an injured couple huddled by the road in Delhi on a cold December night. They are immediately rushed to the hospital where gruesome details of the crime are revealed. The injured young woman tells the doctor that she was raped and a metal rod inserted inside her and her intestines pulled out. She entreats the police not to tell her father about the incident.

Shefali Shah in Delhi Crime

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The Delhi Police constable on the scene of the crime is deeply moved with what he has seen and heard and puts on a call on the wireless, setting a manhunt for the rapists that are a testimony to the fact that if the police are willing to work sincerely and diligently culprits can easily be nabbed. Delhi Crime is a fictionalized version of the police investigation in the Nirbhaya case spearheaded by Chhaya Sharma, who is aptly portrayed by Shefali Shah in the leading role.

A still from Delhi Crime

The series chronicles the six days from the day of the incident: December 16-21, 2012. The time constraint provides urgency and an edge-of-the-seat feeling to the entire series. Each episode of Delhi Crime spans a day’s events and shows the development in the case and highlighting Delhi Police’s efficiency in nabbing the six culprits in less than a week and filing a bulletproof charge sheet that was instrumental in getting the five adult men and one juvenile prosecuted. This case was the highpoint of Delhi Police which has an immensely tarnished image of incompetence and corruption.

Rasika Dugal in Delhi Crime

However, Delhi Crime has no shortage of villains. Apart from the five men and one juvenile, the rape victim’s companion who is named Akash (played by Sanjay Bishnoi) is depicted as a sideshow villain. His character is questioned by an investigative officer and questions raised as to why he did not defend himself. Other villains pop up during the series like the media and the public protests and public pressure that was instrumental in getting swift and accurate results in the case is discounted by Delhi Crime as unnecessary provocations and hindrances in the investigation.

A still from Delhi Crime

Shefali plays Deputy Commissioner of Police (South District) Vartika Chaturvedi who is strong-willed and not above using any means to get what she wants. She puts together a crack team to nab the culprits and assigns the always dependable Rasika Dugal to remain by the side of the victim’s family as they require support at such a grievous time. Shefali is in superb form as the gritty police officer professionally, but having a tussle with her daughter personally.  Rajesh Tailang, Anurag Arora, Adil Hussain, Jaya Bhattacharya, Gopal Dutt and Vinod Sharawat are the other actors who are in superb form and portray their craft with aplomb.

Peepingmoon. Com gives Delhi Crime 4 Moons