Tiger 3 Review: Salman Khan's swag, Katrina Kaif's action blend to create a perfect Diwali gift


Film: Tiger 3

Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Emraan Hashmi, Revathy

Director: Maneesh Sharma

Rating: 4 Moons

Jab tak Tiger mara nahi tab tak Tiger haara nahi. This dialogue from Tiger 3 aptly suits Salman Khan who returns as the undercover spy, Avinash Rathod a.k.a Tiger to tackle a new threat to India. Over the years, the Tiger franchise has evolved immensely and there's no reason to complain. Along with his ex-ISI agent wife, Zoya (Katrina Kaif), Tiger embarks on yet another dangerous mission but this time, it is 'more personal' for them. 

Directed by Maneesh Sharma, Tiger 3 delves deeper into the characters' past, lending more grip to the story. Making it more than just another story of a spy, the film is equally dependent on the strong emotional core that sets the base. The father-child relationship is an important brick on which the film stands. When the threat comes home, Tiger has to gather his army and wage war against Aatish Rahman (Emraan Hashmi).

Tiger 3 is at its peak when Maneesh offers a larger-than-life and unabashed Salman Khan fan service. While the film has its highs and lows, it is a perfect Diwali gift to the audience when the superstar, in his element, performs daredevilry stunts, does thrilling bike chases and also shows his vulnerable side. His entry sequence is breathtaking. Considering Tiger 3 is a spy thriller, expect out-of-the-box action pieces regularly. The sequence at the Hamam where Zoya fights in a towel is a highlight. 

Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif's Tiger 3 motion poster out, film to follow the  events from Ek Tha Tiger, Pathaan and War

Maneesh offers a new dimension to Tiger and Zoya's story. They're no longer young; their responsibilities are greater as parents and intelligence officers. Tiger 3 might have fewer romantic and mushy moments but that rarely hampers the experience. With depth and a larger goal given to the central characters, Tiger 3 creates a path for endless future possibilities. 

Action comes to Salman naturally, undeniably. There are moments where he hangs from a chopper and jumps off the cliff. Never do they seem unconvincing. Despite maximum efforts from him, the shoddy VFX disappoints. Pathaan, the previous film in the YRF spy universe, also suffered from a similar technical glitch. 

Katrina Kaif has evolved incredibly as an action star. Her kicks and punches land smoothly and she impressed throughout. Though Tiger 3 is centered around Salman's Tiger, Katrina's Zoya is also an equal scene stealer in the third part. Emraan is as menacing as Aatish despite his limited and undercooked role. 

After a point, Tiger 3 relies heavily on star power. Similar to Pathaan, the film also has an epic cameo that will bring out whistles and claps. Shah Rukh Khan's playfulness as Pathaan and Salman's swag as Tiger blend to make a wonderful cocktail of entertainment. Don't skip the post-credit scene after the song, Leke Prabhu Ka Naam. It will certainly 'Roshan' your Diwali week! 

The music in Tiger 3 is disappointing. Leke Prabhu Ka Naam is catchy and grippy whereas Ruaan is soothing to the ears but none of them are memorable and relevant to the story. Patriotism is still a key topic with which the film plays. At times, it works. 

The editing of Tiger 3, especially the VFX, could have been better. The duration seems fine but could have had an early climax. In a nutshell, Tiger 3 ends the wait to see Salman Khan doing Salman Khan-like antics on the big screen. We missed this! Go for Tiger 3 with the family as it is the perfect Diwali bonanza.