Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Daily Updates: Naira and Kartik learn of Suhana's game plan


The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai begins with Suhana and Rahul figuring out a way to steal jewellery from Suhasini's locker. Naira and Kartik see the two and get shocked.

Meanwhile, Naksh and Kirti who are seen talking to each other in the Singhania house are misinterpreted by Bua Dadi who feels that they are romancing.

The Goenkas come over for Lunch and Kirti and family welcome them. Suhasini tries to preach Kirti but the latter asks her to kindly not interfere in her marital life and that she can handle things on her own.

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Bua Dadi asks Kirti and Naksh to gift Suhana a door lock and teases the two. Meanwhile, Suhana tries to open the locker but fails. Naira catches her red-handed. The two argue and Suhana admits of having a good plan to get away from the house. Naira and Kartik plan to get rid of Suhana and expose her.

The Goenkas return and Suhasini asks Suhana about her headache. Suhasini talks about marriage. Suhana says that her family is out and that they shall come soon. Suhasini says that she needs to talk to her mother about the functions. Naira intervenes and says that they should plan a Sangeet.

Later at night, an anonymous person clicks Naira's pictures. The anonymous person is none other than Shubham's friend. He gets addicted to Naira. Suhana and Swarna get ready for the Sangeet ceremony. Suhana says that since her family hasn't come from the town, she has no jewellery. Suhasini gives her other jewellery to wear. Swarna helps Suhana wear the jewellery but Naira asks her to stop.