Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Daily Updates: Naira and Kartik fail to expose Suhana


The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai begins with Naira saying that she would want to help Suhana with wearing her jewellery. Swarna says that Suhana is very lucky to have Naira as her sister in law. Naira secretly asks Suhana whether she is prepared for her surprise planned by Naira. Suhana says Naira won't be able to do anything and that she would accomplish her mission.

Further, Naira and Kartik spend some romantic moments. The stalker sees it and gets attracted towards Naira even more. Naira and Kartik discuss of Suhana's probable plan. Meanwhile, Manish calls Kartik for some work. Kartik goes and the stalker secretly goes and ties a note on Naira's dress. Naira reads it and unaware of the truth feels that it was done by Kartik and kisses him.
Kirti and Naksh get ready to leave for the function. Kirti asks Devyani to make the ayurvedic juice for her. She convinces her. Devyani smiles.
Further, Naira pressurises the family to ask about Suhana's family and her uncle for an auspicious ceremony to be held. Suhana's fake mother and brother come. They tell of how Suhana's real uncle is unwell and hence have got their close family member whom Suhana's mother considers as her own brother. Everybody is shocked to see Naitik. Naitik comes to the help of Suhana's family unaware of their real intentions. Suhana reveals of how Naitik agreed to be a part of the wedding as her family member. Naitik gifts Shubham expensive jewellery and gifts. Suhana's family eyes on them. But Naira plays smart and asks Shubham to accept just a holy tree leaf as a token of respect from Naitik. She asks him to leave aside the materialistic things and accept Naitik's love. Suhana's gets annoyed.
Further, Naira asks Shubham to draw Mehndi on Suhana's hand. She pitches her idea making everyone agree to it. Shubham scribbles on her hand. Naira laughs while the stalker secretly clicks pictures of Naira.
Naira later asks Kartik to apply Mehndi on her hand properly.