Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Daily Updates: Naira learns of Suhana and family's real identity


The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai begins with Naira and Kartik talking to each other. Naira asks Kartik to apply mehndi on her hand properly. Kartik acts scared and says that he will be extremely careful and not disappoint Naira. They both laugh.

Suhana signals jer fake mother to go and add some chemical in the container filled with Mehndi. She goes and adds some chemical in the Mehndi. The stalker who is Shubham's friend sees her doing so and he realises that they have planned against Naira. In order to save Naira from the mess, he intentionally bumps into Suhana's fake mother and the entire container of Mehndi falls on herself. Everybody laugh.

Later Naira and Kartik try to think of what they can do to expose Suhana the same day. Naira sees and appreciates her Mehndi designed by Karthik on her hands. The stalker throws rose petals on Naira from behind. She turns but is unable to see anybody. She tries to go at the backyard of the house and unexpectedly find Suhana's mother talking to somebody and asking them to book tickets for three people namely Manjiri, Reshma and Ajay.

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She wonders who the three people are and suddenly realises that Suhana's mother is actually talking about themselves and understands that Manjiri, Reshma and Ajay are their real names. She figures out Suhana's plan of running away from the house after stealing all the gold jewellery. In the pretext of the conversation, she tries to extract the reality from Suhana's mother. But Suhana's mother sees through her plan and acts smart.

Suhana and Rahul wonder where their fake mother Savita is. Naira asks Suhana's mother to go inside the room and she suddenly locks the room from outside and says that she will open the door only once they are exposed. Suhana's mother panics and wonders what Suhana and Rahul will do.

Kartik comes there and asks Naira as to what was she doing in the backyard. She informs Kartik of Suhana and family's real names are Manjiri, Reshma and Ajay and not Suhana, Rahul and Savita. Naira and Kartik search over the internet with the real names and they come across the few articles that state information of their former robberies in various places. They also read Brijesh's name in one of the articles. Kartik contacts the news reporter of that particular article and asks him to come over at their place. The news reporter agrees to come over to their place since he is also in Udaipur for a function.

Kartik and Naira get relieved on hearing this. Everybody searches for Naira and ask if they could start with the sangeet ceremony. Naira comes and says that she was busy with some work and says that she shall arrange for a fun-filled sangeet. She says the theme of the sangeet is sister in laws.

Bhabhi Maa and Devyani, Swarna and Surekha dance to a Bollywood song. Suhana's mother sees Naksh and Kirti replace the original gold ornaments with fake ornaments as per Naira's plan. She overhears them talking about how the ornaments would be safe even if Suhana plans to run away with them the same night. She decides to inform Suhana and Rahul immediately about Naira's new plan but wonders how to get out of the room. She breaks the window glass but in vain. Meanwhile, Naira asks Suhana to stay alert and Suhana gives it back to her. While Naira is enjoying all the performances, Suhana breaks a glass showpiece and picks up a piece of glass and looks at Naira.