Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Daily Updates: Naira gets followed by her psycho stalker


The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai begins with Naira exposing Suhana. She says that the truth is finally out and that she can now be taken to jail. Naira takes off Suhana's jewellery given by the family. The police takes away Suhana. Shubham leaves the house to spend some alone time while Swarna cries.

Kabir meets Shubham while he is crying and offers him alcohol. Shubham drinks it loses control of himself. Kabir takes him home with a pretext of taking care of him and meets Naira.
He keeps staring at her and forgets the world. Everybody panic on seeing Shubham in that state. Kabir further insists on staying back to take care of Shubham. He stays in the house to just look at Naira and be with her. Further Kartik goes and gets some water for Shubham while Naira stays back in the room with Kabir and Shubham. Kabir locks the door and holds Naira's dupatta and kisses it without her knowledge.
Suddenly Kartik comes and Kabir gets perplexed. Naira opens the door, confused as to who locked it. Kartik asks Kabir to rest and he along with Naira go to their room.
Kirti and Naitik both think of Shubham and are unable to sleep. The father and daughter in law play video games to divert their mind.
Kabir keeps thinking of Naira. At night he goes to Naira's room after the two are fast asleep and keeps staring at the sleeping Naira for hours. Suddenly Naira's wakes up and she sees someone standing near the door. She wakes up and wakes Kartik up as well.