Naagin 3 Episode 14 July 15, 2018: Vishakha transforms as Rehaan


The episode of Naagin 3 begins with Bela managing to not let her cover blow up at the family function. She agrees to go to the temple with Jamini since she promised her. While Bela struggles to walk on stones, Jamini walks over them. Bela suspects something is wrong. Jamini pushes Bela making her trip over the stairs. Bela struggles to get up while Jamini prepares to catch her in a net. Jamini is unsuccessful in the first attempt.

Suddenly, Mahir and family arrive at the temple, revealing that Bela had already called them before going to the temple. They see that Rehaan is lying in a muddy ditch. Everyone is relieved to find Rehaan. But Bela is able to see it’s not Rehaan but Vishakha, who has transformed as Rehaan. The family brings Rehaan home. Bela convinces everyone to keep him at home instead of letting him off to travel.


Looking at Bela take care of Rehaan, Mahir gets jealous. He confronts Bela about his insecurities. Vishakha is irritated that Rehaan’s sister kept calling him. Mahir continues to be jealous of Bela giving attention to Rehaan. At the breakfast table, Bela is taking care of Rehaan because it is Vishakha in disguise. But Mahir is jealous. Bela, Jamini, Rehan, and Mahir go out for a lunch together. Mahir asks Rehaan how the two of them met. Rehaan aka Vishakha starts narrating how he met Bela but Mahir asks how he met Jamini.

Vishakha doesn’t know how Rehaan met her so she is unable to answer as Rehaan and asks Jamini to answer instead. Jamini narrates a story. After some time, Bela and Rehaan a.k.a Vishakha steps aside to talk. Vishakha comes in her true form and tells Bela that she can’t flirt with a girl. Bela makes fun of her. Vishakha reminds that she is still Maahir’s enemy and asks her to kill him. Bela asks Vishakha to get closer to Jamini Bela places the nets.