Kundali Bhagya written update, January 14, 2019: Monisha decides to not support Rishabh


The episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Monisha telling the Luthra family that their son will now be in jail. Rakhi shouts at Monisha and curses her. Monisha tells that she will snatch their son from them. Kareena exposes her in front of everyone.

Monisha says she is doing the right thing now. Rakhi pleads and asks her not to speak anything against Rishabh. Monisha says she will not support Rishabh and Karan says he will not spare her.

Rishabh is brought to the court and everyone hugs him. Everyone gets emotional. Preeta hugs Rishabh and Prithvi get angry.

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Prithvi remembers how Rishabh had asked Preeta to meet Billa. Prithvi throws something out of anger. Rishabh gets surprised seeing Prithvi at the court.

Prithvi takes Preeta away with him and tells Preeta that Billa has blamed Rishabh as the culprit. Preeta says Billa is lying. Prithvi gets happy to know that his plan is working. Karan calls Preeta inside for the court proceedings.

Rishabh's lawyer says that his client did not kill Rithvik. The prosecution lawyer says that before death Rithvik was in touch with Rishabh. Monisha enters the courtroom and Prithvi smiles.