Kundali Bhagya written update, January 31, 2019: Preeta understands Karan's trauma


The episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with starts Rakhi getting emotional during a press conference and she disowns Karan. She says that she is a mother only to Rishabh and leaves the press conference mid-way. Karan also gets emotional and he warns Monisha to never get rude to his mother Rakhi in future. Prithvi discusses with Sherlyn that they shouldn't let Karan get married to Monisha. Preeta consoles Rakhi.
Preeta tries to defend Karan. Rakhi shouts at her and asks her to leave. Preeta tells what had happened and why Karan has been saying things against Rishabh and wants to get married to Monisha. Rakhi asks her to make Karan understand that he is doing wrong.
Karan walks into the house in a foul mood and Preeta tries to calm down him. Karan lies in front of her that he is getting married to Monisha as he loves her. Preeta asks him to stop lying. He tells Preeta that he is not happy marrying Monisha. Both later share cute moments together and they hug each other and cry their heart out. Sherlyn and Prithvi reach Monisha's house.