Kundali Bhagya written update, February 12, 2019: Monisha gets worried seeing Karan and Sophia together


The episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Rakhi gets to know about that Rishabh's plan of getting in Sophia to break Karan's wedding with Monisha. Karina, Rakhi, and Preeta create more drama. Preeta winks at Karan. He says that he cheated Sophie and Monisha gets worried. Rishabh says that they will not let any injustice happen with Sophia. Karan apologizes to Sophia in front of his entire family. Monisha gets worried.
Srishty gives Sophia a handkerchief and tells her that she has poured some glycerine on it. Monisha gets angry with Sophia but Rakhi asks her to calm down. Monisha gets angry at the Luthras and says that she will marry Karan anyhow. Monisha's parents tell her that she should not get married to Karan. Preeta makes Monisha scared and says that the media will mock her. Luthras decide to get Sophia married to Karan. Rishabh thank Monisha’s parents for understanding.
Monisha tells Sophia to choose her wedding dress. Karan gets angry with Preeta for not involving him into their plan. Monisha brainwashes Sophia against Luthras and she blames Karan for cheating on her and Sophia. She also tells Sophia that Karan likes Preeta. Karan still gets tensed.