Kundali Bhagya written update February 14 2019: Sherlyn realises Prithvi is cheating on her


The episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Kareena asking Sherlyn to lie in front of Monisha and Sherlyn says she was not in the party on the day of molestation. Kareena takes Sherlyn's phone and says she will record Monisha's confession.
Monisha shouts at Sherlyn and suddenly sees Kareena. Monisha starts talking good about Prithvi and tells Sherlyn that Kareena had asked to frame Karan. Kareena comes inside the room and shouts at Monisha for lying. Monisha warns Kareena that she will get married to Karan at any cost.
Rakhi, Dadi call Mahesh inside the room and ask him what's to be done. Dadi says Karan and Rishabh can do nothing to save themselves from Monisha. Rishabh calls his helper get the names of cadets who were in police academy in 2012. Rishabh thinks he can expose Prithvi.  Rishabh's sees the list and says Prithvi was not there.
Rishabh asks his assistant to call the inspector. Monisha calls up Prithvi to tell him that she would have exposed him in front of the Luthras. Billa overhears Monisha's conversation and decides to kill Monisha. Monisha she takes off his beard as he attacks and comes to know that he is Billa.  Billa runs away.
Prithvi comes to Monisha's room and asks her why did she blame Sherlyn. Monisha says he should take care of Billa right now who is in the Luthra house. Sherlyn sees Prithvi hugging Monisha and realizes that he is playing a game with her and that he is in love with Preeta. Prithvi shouts at Sherlyn for trying to ruin his game. Prithvi is worried and thinks about how to handle Billa.