Kundali Bhagya written update, February 25, 2019: Preeta and Karan sit in the wedding mandap


The episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Preeta panicking as Monisha is about to tell the truth but her mother tries to break open the door. Srishti suggests Preeta to sit instead of Monisha to calm Monisha’s mother. Rishabh suggests that Shristi should sit at the mandap. Shristi tells Rishabh that Preeta was too innocent to play the role and convinces Rishabh to make Preeta sit for the pheras in the place of Monisha. Shristi and Kritika take Monisha in the washroom. They tell Preeta to quickly wear the bridal dress and sit for the marriage.

Rishabh panics and tells Karan not to get married to Preeta at any cost. Preeta comes out wearing the bridal dress leaving Karan and Rishabh awestruck.

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Preeta tells Srishty that she has ten minutes to get the truth out else she will get up from the mandap. Preeta and Karan head towards the mandap. The pooja begins and Prithvi prays to God that they should get married, unaware that Preeta is sitting in the place of Monisha. The family gets confused seeing Karan smile and wonders what's wrong with him. Rishabh and the rest try to get Monisha to tell the truth.

The pandit tells Preeta and Karan to stand up for the flower exchange ceremony while Preeta panics.