Kundali Bhagya written update, February 27, 2019: Monisha hits Preeta


The episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Prithvi thinking of what to do on knowing about Preeta and Karan's plan. Rishabh and Srishti are successful in making Monisha confess that Karan did not molest her and prove him innocent. Sherlyn comes at the marriage to confront Prithvi. Janki gets a hint looking at Preeta’s ring and thinks that it must be Preeta who was sitting next to Karan instead of Monisha and she bends down intentionally to see who it was behind the veil. She finds Preeta sitting next to Karan and gets happy. Kritika comes out to call the doctor to ask for an antidote for the injection that Srishty had given Monisha.

File picture of Kundali Bhagya

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Prithvi plans on trapping Kritika by giving her electrical shock. Kritika falls unconscious on the floor and Rishabh and the others rush to her leaving Durga Monisha alone in the room. Prithvi tries to get Monisha regain consciousness by slapping her. Rishabh and others rush back to Monisha. Sarla asks Janki whether she was okay as she fell down. Janki cooks up a story and decides to tell her the truth once Preeta and Karan get married. Monisha regains her consciousness and Prithvi tells what was going on with her.

Rishabh and others return and Prithvi hides and Monisha runs out of the room from the window. Rishabh follows Monisha outside but Monisha manages to escape and reach to the mandap. Srishti calls Preeta and tells her about Monisha and Preeta runs from the mandap to the room where Monisha is ready and hits her on the head.