Juhi Parmar talks openly about life post-divorce with Sachin Shroff


Marriages are said to be a match made in heaven. But not every wedlock has a perfectly happy ending. One such couple is Juhi Parmar and her ex-husband Sachin Shroff. The duo met during the pilot shoot of a show that never saw the light of the day, but the two found each other and tied the know five months later in February 2009. However, due to many complications, they separated for a year in 2016 and finally decided to call it off in 2017.

And now the actress has finally come out in the open and shares her thought on divorce, being a single parent and more.

On divorce:

Not everyone is privileged in a marriage. The decision of separation comes out as a result of many bitter memories. There were times when I felt like the relationship was too much to handle. And that’s when I felt, separation is the best choice. Honestly, I don’t have a single reason behind the decision; there were too many things that piled up. Then there came a point when both Sachin and I felt that we cannot justify our relationship further. And yes, that’s it.



On daughter Samaira’s custody:

Samaira is staying with me and my parents. I want to do the best for my child. I know that I can bring her up very well. I do everything in my capacities to ensure the best for her. I don’t say no to anything that she says.

On the other hand, I make sure that she spends quality time with Sachin as much as possible. I don’t want Samaira to miss her father. I don’t want to take out my grudges through my daughter. I have kept my relationship with Sachin and very cordial and healthy. Sachin can meet his daughter anytime and anywhere; I have no issue with it.

On being a single mother:

I wouldn't say its difficult, but yes, I have had to prepare myself and had to make up my mind to accept the fact that I am a single parent now. The worst part is that no matter how much effort I will put, I know I cannot be a father to her. This really hurts me a lot and I cannot do anything about it.

On falling in love again:

I don’t want to comment anything about love, considering my present. I am past that emotion. For now, I just want to heal. And once I have, I would know where I stand emotionally. Right now, I am just putting all my energy into bringing up my daughter in the best ways possible...

Well, we make some choices no matter how hard they turn out. In the end, it's all for a better reason.