I am open to all mediums be it film, TV or web, says former Bigg Boss contestant Rohan Mehra


From television to films, to the digital space, actor Rohan Mehra has successfully managed to conquer all the mediums with his ability to portray diverse roles on screen, while adding a variety of excellent work to his profile.  Not only did the lad shine in not one, but two popular television dramas on screen with his quintessential lover boy role, but he also managed to gather a huge fan base after his successful stint on the reality show Big Boss!

The actor who is now all set to take on his very first attempt at a horror comedy mainstream film which is in the works wants to expand his base of work widely at the moment, with no restrictions to any particular role or medium of viewing. "I have opened my doors to all the different types of roles and characters I can take on. I am currently not restricting myself to anything! Be it a grey shade character or a funny one, I am willing to experiment with it all! As for me, I want my role to be impactful and the turning point in any story that I am part of.”

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Speaking about his choice of mediums in this current era, Rohan says, “I am looking at quality and not quantity. So be it films, television or even a web show, I am open to showcasing my work on any of these mediums, as at the moment all three are in power with their respective growing audiences.”

(Source: Peepingmoon/Instagram)