EXCLUSIVE: Not me, but Vikas is a bisexual - BB11 Contestant Priyank Sharma


We always saw him as a strong contender in the game of Bigg Boss 11 and had he stayed, Priyank Sharma the reality TV star, had the capability to be in the top five.

However, as we all know that in an unfortunate turn of events he was asked to leave the show after getting into a physical fight Akash Dadlani.

After being out of the game, he was holidaying in Lonavala, as he spoke to Peeping Moon.com about what has been going behind the cameras.

Priyank my obvious question is what had happened exactly that night?

I had been requesting people for a long time to end this topic, it does not give out a positive message on a national television but my request fell on deaf ears. There is a lot of negativity inside the house because of certain people. That night Shilpa Shinde started using profanity involving Vikas' mother and Vikas or for that matter, no one would tolerate this. Hina told me to see what was happening and I ran to the place in force. I was further provoked and unintentionally pushed Akash. I realized it and I know it might sound weird when I say this but fights do not resolve an issue. There was, of course, a better way of handling things. But it happened and I take the complete onus of my actions. I really just wanted this whole sexual orientation topic to end once and for all.

On prior occasions, too, I had chat with Akash and had told him to stay out of this mess of Shilpa and Vikas. You know the post that incident I have lost all respect for Shilpa. If I will hit someone, I will hit him, why just stop at a push? But again I stress I am a peace loving person.

2) Did you have a chat with Salman post you were out, what did he have to say to this? 

Salman sir was very supportive, he had to take a stand on this because again on a national television such things do not look good. Plus I give to Salman for being so involved in the show and taking a step in public interest. He said it on the show too. Post the show he again told me that I might not know you personally but little of what I know you this should have been avoided. He was, of course, disappointed but then she also said that I chose the right battle but got involved unnecessarily to this level. But I respect his decision.

3) Though it does not matter to I want to ask this to you, are you gay? 

(Laughs) No, I am very much straight and have always been. Also if I was gay I would have come out in open.

4) You have done three reality shows. Would you say that out of those three, Bigg Boss was the most challenging?

Look all shows were different. Roadies is a task-oriented show. In the first, week there was obviously no task.

Compared to all the shows, Bigg Boss is the mother of all reality shows.

It's an entity in itself and yes it's more mentally challenging than others as you are surrounded by negative people.

5) Where did the whole sexual orientation raise its head from?

Now firstly I want to ask that how does somebody's sexual orientation is a matter of concern to anybody? But however keeping that aside, only Puneesh has this level of thinking. I am sure he was the one to bring this up and then, of course, you know how Shilpa and Arshi are. Shilpa always targeted Vikas and Arshi does the perfect job of adding fuel to the fire. This trio is the most negative and mean in the entire house who will go to any extent to be in limelight.

6) Talking of Shilpa, you said in an interview that she is a split personality? 

I remember on the fifth day in the house when I was telling Ben and Vikas that Shilpa is psycho. And she too confessed it!

So one day I and Shilpa chatted for an hour where only Shilpa was talking and she told me a lot of things about her. Shilpa confessed that she is here to make Vikas' life hell. Look she is a wonderful person, she is the mother of sweetness but has an issue of anger management. She herself told me that if she is upset, she has no control over herself. So from that day, I decided to be at an arm's length from her. And plus you guys have seen the way she does things when is upset.

7) A few days back Hina Khan said to Vikas that Priyank said that you are bisexual? 
Look that was portrayed in a very wrong way. That day Hina and be were discussing bisexuality and I cleared it to her that not me Vikas is a bisexual. I and Vikas go long back and he is friend cum brother. I am no one to make a statement on Vikas or anyone's sexuality as I don't believe in it and yes, I said it that Vikas is a bisexual and more than me saying, Vikas owes that he is a bisexual!

This is no reason for anybody fighting. The fights are happening because it is the strong personality of people like Hina, Vikas, and others. It's clash of the personalities and in a way, it's good that this is happening.

8)Had you stayed how far do you think you would have gone to the show? 

I had just started understanding the show. People started bombarding from day one itself and I did not wish to add to that negativity.

9) Zubair Khan has made some tall claims that Bigg Boss has not shown the footage of places where he gave back to Salman and places where he was provoked, what is the real story? 

On the third day of Zubair's stay, Bigg Boss stepped in to warn him against using abuses. Post that we could see him controlling himself and hence we were happy that he used to be quiet and take his medicines. But then I can not deny that Zubair started this verbal abuse culture in the house and Arshi continued this. Ultimately Salman would not have spared Zubair or anyone for that behavior and he reaped what he had sown.

10) Did you watch the episode where Arshi called Sapna a "nachnewali"? 

You know my blood was boiling when she said this. Arshi not just made fun of Sapna but she insulted the art the craft that involves a lot of respected people. I am a dancer myself and I take this statement from Arshi very personally. If I would have been in the house I would have taken a strong stand against this. I might not have thrashed Arshi but made sure that Sapna thrashed her and then we would have handled it.

Arshi is a very strong headed personality and she can take to a whole new level. But with power comes responsibility and she has failed miserably in that.

I remember Arshi came to apologize to me too while I was getting evicted but I told her that I will forgive but not forget. Arshi should ideally not go too far on the show even if she does. She is definitely not going too far in life with this attitude.

11) A lot of old friends are turning foe and vice versa, Vikas and Hina, Arshi, and Shilpa. Would you have been the peacemaker between Vikas and Hina?

If I would have been in the house I definitely would have steeped to make peace between Hina and Vikas, but like I said earlier between it is the clash of personalities. As for Arshi and Shilpa, they can do anything for the camera. As for Vikas and Arshi being friends, all I want to say is each day is a new day for relationships.

To Vikas, my only advice is to 'have cool not get riled up with Shilpa' as it might go against him.

For Hina, all I want to say has he portrayed the character of a Bahu for eight years and she is always correct. But sometimes being real is more important than being correct.

12) Who do you think will be going in final five?

Too early to say that.

13) So finally are you going in the house? 

No nothing as of now.

14) Is Vikas going to be a good captain? 

Vikas is a very warm person and he will definitely gonna be a good captain. The house looks balance as of now.

15) Why is Hiten so quiet? 

Hiten bhaiya is a wonderful person. We always got along in the show. Hiten bhaiya always walked up to me and said that he finds me similar to him. I have no advice for Hiten bhaiya he is going great and he has this impeccable quality of making his presence felt.