EXCLUSIVE: Puneesh and Bandgi not faking anymore, reveal Sabyasachi and Mehjabeen


They entered the house as a family & padosis to the housemates in Bigg Boss season 11. Almost after three weeks, Mehjabeen and Sabyasachi are out of the game and recently got evicted.






Peeping Moon.com exclusively spoke to the out-of-the-house padosis and tried digging deeper into the secrets of the house.

What is with Puneesh and Bandgi? Are the two doing it for the camera? (In reference to the couple’s infamous bathroom makeout session)

Sabyasachi: Puneesh and Bandgi started it off for the camera but gradually they grew close. Attachment is bound to happen when you spent 24 hours under one roof. I think they are faking it to be safe! This is a show of patience, mind power, and your character so these things should not be done. But that is what the house is all about, people have their own vested interests and in the name of taking a stand, they push agenda in the game.

Mehjabeen: It is disgusting that people stoop to this level to survive.

Sabyasachi, you said that Ben would have been out of the house long back, she survived only because of the game between Hina and others?

Sabyasachi: Yes, she is now in the house because of her closeness to Priyank. The way they are getting touchy is not mere friendship. I have also seen friendship but this is beyond the limit.

Mehjabeen: They are fooling around in the name of friendship, they are portraying it in the wrong light. I think the parents who are watching outside will be scared if their children next time tell them that they are friends with the opposite sex.

Do you think they are doing this to compete with Puneesh and Bandgi?

Mehjabeen: Yes, of course, Priyank needed it because when he came back the groups were already formed, Vikas and he were not on good terms anymore and he needed that attention. Ben, as you know, was anyways lying low, so this was the easy way out. Just like Puneesh & Bandgi got saved each time, they thought they will also have the same fate.

Among celebrity contestants, Hina Khan has become the household topic of discussion. What is the real side of her?

Sabyasachi: Hina is Janus faced, she has the “use and throw” attitude for people. When we had entered the house, Vikas had pointed this out to us that Hina used Priyank & threw him out, and then she did the same with Zubair.

Mehjabeen: Yes, initially I found it hard to believe but gradually I observed the same about her. She talks about girl power, but where is it? She needs bouncers where ever she goes. We, on the other hand, we were all playing individually unlike Hina. We definitely got less camera presence, but at least we did not come across as villains like her.

What about the recent massive fight in the house on Akash Dadlani commenting on women body parts?

Mehjabeen: I had warned Hina that she is choosing the wrong fight, even Salman told her the same thing, but after all its Hina does what she feels is right for her.  She wanted to make a big deal out of it for footage and then when Salman confronted her she completely backtracked from the whole comment. That’s how she actually is.

 Who do you think will be in top five?

Sabyasachi: Vikas, Shilpa, Hiten, Arshi & Akash definitely deserve to be in the top five.

Who do you think deserves to win?

Sabyasachi: I think someone from Shilpa or Vikas should win. They are a package deal. Plus Vikas has an edge as he belongs to the industry so he knows what works for the camera and what does not. He plans and plot and acts accordingly. He is showing his intelligent side which is working for him.

Shilpa again is a powerhouse of entertainment. She gets angry, she makes up, she has her own individual set of followers inside & outside the house, so yes, and she deserves to win.