Was Ben’s eviction a result of pulling strings to save her relationship with BF Varun?


Benafsha Soonawalla is out of the Bigg Boss 11 race. On her sudden and shocking exit, Ben added another twist when she was seen giving interviews alongside her much-hyped boyfriend out of the house - Varun Sood. Then what happened to her in- BB house eye candy, Priyank Sharma?

In an exclusive interview with Peeping Moon.com, we question Ben about her sudden exit and who is the 'real' reason behind it!


What went against you?

I kept my dignity, I was chilled out, and I never deliberately did things for the camera. My sense of humour is a little weird and I can know that people find it difficult to understand that. The whole Priyank thing was fun, it was a joke and nothing more. All those things that I said to him, ‘Come on, I have one day left, please confess…’, was just for fun. We used to laugh after the conversation, which I don’t think they have shown.

We hear that since Ranvijay Singha is good friends with your boyfriend Varun Sood and you, and given whatever was going on between you and Priyank Sharma, some strings were pulled to get you out of the show. Don’t you think it was a little strange that, between two popular celebs, a commoner like Sapna Choudhary as safe?

Look, Sapna has a huge fan following in Haryana. Her YouTube videos get some million likes and views, plus she is a very popular contestant in the house. She is famous and a popular dancer. This week it was Hina, Sapna and me for eviction. That left me, because I was very cautious with my moves, which made me appear less on the show. Just after the whole interview, Benafsha started enquiring about the source who told me about the story about Ranvijay and Varun influencing the channel. She sounded as if she wanted some proof, as if she had heard it from someone else as well.


As far as Ranvijay influencing someone on behalf of Varun is concerned, I don’t think he or anybody else would do it. Also, Varun already made a statement in the media that he would wait for me to come back, and here we are, back with each other and stable.

You said you would clarify things with Priyank’s girlfriend Divya Agarwal, have you spoken to her?

No, I am yet to speak to her. Yes, it is impulsive on her part to break up like this, but again I am not judging her decision. There are talks of other girls also on the show. I will definitely catch up with her to tell her my side of the story. I will be able to give her a better picture and maybe she will be more relaxed and calm down.

Do Priyank and Vikas Gupta actually have a history? Was Vikas really jealous of your cosiness with Priyank?

No, they do not have any history and all these talks of homosexuality and bisexuality happened only to provoke people and cause fights. Vikas was never jealous, but yes Priyank and Vikas had a slight problem. Towards the end, Vikas and I were very cordial, so Vikas was not worried about Priyank and me but he was worried about Priyank becoming friendly with Hina. Vikas just wanted him to be safe and not get influenced by Hina

Is Hina Khan that cunning? We only see the docile daughter-in-law she portrays…
(Laughs) I never could analyse Hina in the house, but after I stepped out and saw her on the screen, I realised the game she was playing… and honestly I was shocked. Hina and I have shared a very good rapport with each other. Also, since I am cool and a chilled out person, I never was into unnecessary shaming of people in the house. However, when I stepped out, a lot people asked me about Hina and how she has bitched about me a lot.
Sometimes, in an attempt to state her strong opinion, Hina does not realise how she is painting the image of the other person. Her behaviour has hurt me immensely. She should be a little thoughtful because one statement can change someone’s life forever.

I was always careful about people’s image; that is why I did not raise the Akash issue when it happened. In fact, I waited for the right moment and only when his behaviour was out of control was when I exposed him. Regarding Varun also, whatever I said was in such a fun way; unfortunately it was portrayed wrongly.

Hina made a mountain out of a molehill about me sleeping in the same bed with Priyank. Let me clarify, I was only in the bed with him for five minutes, to hug him and sort out our differences as I had, had a very long day. If they did this to someone like me, who was the most loved contestant in the house, I can’t imagine what they must be saying about other people! I honestly have no courage to watch the episodes anymore.

So, who will you be friends with outside the house?
Of course Priyank, although I know he was also wrong to make the statement that I was after him. I paid more heed to the conversation, instead of shooing people away. I think he was also very scared of his image and, in order to save his image, he maligned mine. But anyways, I consider him as a genuine friend, so it will remain like that.

Hiten is nice and with Hina, I liked her and she loved me in the house so I will clarify things with her maybe when she is out of the house. Vikas also is a good guy and I will be in touch with him.


Let’s talk about your hygiene issues…
Oh my god! Guys, let me tell you I am a very hygienic person. Again, Hina made a mountain out of a molehill, as I was wearing the same jacket for two days and she was asking me to wash it. I told her I would at my own leisure as I am not used to doing my laundry. She went out and spoke things and then Akash added more fuel to the fire. So, let me tell you it’s nothing like that. I never confronted Hina as it might have ruined our friendship. They just targeted me because I never picked unnecessary fights and because they had nothing else against me.

Who is the most unhygienic person in the house?

Actually, everyone is and that is why Salman had to point out to the mess in the house! But to name a few, Puneesh, Vikas, Priyank as he is working out and all and that’s why he always has his bath late... Arshi too, as her clothes are everywhere. People should learn to adjust, they should sort this out at a personal level rather than making a hoopla about it. Priyank once personally came and told me that the housemates were comparing me with Arshi as my clothes were also lying everywhere; I immediately cleared up my mess.
It makes you look silly on national television.

Given a chance, would you re-enter the show?
Definitely, and how this time!

Will your PDA with Priyank continue?

For the last time guys, he is nothing but a good friend and will always remain that. Also, when I called him my brother I only meant that he gives me the bro vibes, and is not a literal brother. He is my best friend, and we hugged, kissed and sat in each other’s lap. We have known each other before the show, and our friendship is very strong. I had friend-zoned him outside the house and that will not change ever. We are aware of each other’s relationships too.

Who will be in the top three and who deserves to win?
Hiten, Shilpa and Vikas will be in the top three. I really hope Hiten wins as he is playing the game so patiently.