Did Sapna Chaudhary hint she will be re-entering the Bigg Boss house?


We all know that Salman Khan is a tough nut to crack especially when he is donning the hat of the host of ‘Bigg Boss’. But Sapna Chaudhary, who entered the house as a commoner, soon won the hearts of the audience and of Salman, with her fierce and forthright manner, and girl next door attitude. In fact, Salman was seen supporting Sapna on many occasions, and he was visibly upset with Hina Khan who got Sapna nominated this week.

Sapna is finally out of the house. When we called her she greeted us with the same warmth, adding that she was enjoying the winters in her hometown. In a long chat with Sapna, here’s all that she said about each housemate…


Everyone from Salman to the audience think that you have been evicted because of Hina Khan. Apparently, she played a game with you… Also, has her reputation taken a hit because of her negativity?

I stood by my commitment to Hina. When I say something, I stand true to my words. It was decided that Luv should be saved and I did what I was asked to. Moreover, Luv is like a brother. I am glad that I have left my brother inside the house. I know that Luv is not performing, but I hope he respects my sacrifice and starts to perform now.

As for Hina, everyone has asked me that question and honestly, there are four corners in the house and till date I have seen only one. I have not seen the episodes still so, all I can say is that Hina was always very positive around me and was always very supportive. Maybe I will change my view after watching the episodes, but for now I have high regards for Hina Khan.

If I have upset or hurt people who have voted for me, I would like to apologise, but this is who I am; I don't believe that promises are meant to be broken.

Yet Hina was quiet when Priyank body-shamed Shilpa and Arshi. There is even a video that shows Hina body-shaming Shilpa…

Look, Shilpa is no less. She too calls things upon herself a lot of times. As far as Priyank is concerned, he is a kid, and what he did was wrong and immature.

We saw you consoling Arshi on your last day, whereas you girls have always been at logger-heads with each other…

On Saturday, Arshi was fighting for something that was right. Arshi is actually a very nice person and a clean-hearted girl, but when she loses it, she loses it! My heart melted watching her cry like that, and I felt she was right.

Salman clarified that Puneesh did not say all those things about you in the way you heard it. Do you agree?

No, I believe what I heard and what I saw. Puneesh made mean statements about my profession. But I did not argue with Salman because he is way too senior to me in every way.

Bandgi made a statement after you left, that she was happy to see you go. We often saw her instigating Puneesh against you. Do you agree she brainwashed Puneesh and his behaviour changed?

Yes, Bandgi did influence Puneesh against me. It is sad that he fell prey to her malice. Someday he will come to know how scheming that woman is. But no hard feelings because I always looked upon Puneesh as my brother and when the brother gets a bhabhi, then bhabhi, behen se zyaada pyaari hoti hai! As for Bandgi being happy, she should see the number of people who were sad to see me leave.

Are you hurt with all the statements that people have made about your profession? Who has hurt you most in the house?
Yes, I am hurt that the so-called educated and high society people have such low level of thinking. Never judge a person by his actions, have a look at the situations that have provoked him to act the way he/ she has.

Puneesh and Bandgi have hurt me the most.

Apparently Remo D’Souza offered you a film. What conversation did you have with him?

Yes, I was thrilled that Remo D’souza offered me a movie. But the conversation was only that much; there is nothing to say as of now.

Is Vikas really the mastermind in the house?

Yes, Vikas is very manipulative and he is playing the game from his mind and not from his heart. That is not good.

Who do you think will be in the top three and who do you think deserves to win?

…Shilpa, Hina and myself.

Wait, but you are out of the game!

Just wait and watch!

Who is going to win?

I am! And anyways, the trophy can go to anybody, but ultimately I have won the game, isn’t it?

If we read between the lines, it does appear that Sapna might re-enter the house. If that happens, she will finally see the true side of Hina Khan. Watching Sapna put Hina in her place will be too much fun!