Madhavan goes dark and raged for Amazon’s new web series ‘Breathe’


There are no miracles in life. Just the ones you create.

And, Breathe is the one we’re waiting for.

In line with many new shows, Amazon Prime released the trailer for their latest web series titled Breathe. It is a crime thriller directed by Mayank Sharma and stars starring R. Madhavan, Amit Sadh, Sapna Pabbi and Neena Kulkarni in the lead roles.

Madhavan plays the lead role, a father who is ready to cross all bounds to save his son’s life. In this quest to save his dying son he decides to take the matters into his hands rather than waiting for a miracle to happen. Even having to kill potential organ donors don’t seem to be off-limits to him. He is perfectly fine with becoming a monster when the need arrives. Amit Sadh is playing a regular Mumbai cop who is dedicated to solve and end the crime in his own unusual and imperfect ways. Initially who looks to be a happy family guy, turns to alcohol and is infused in other adversities that bring out the bad in him, yet, the cop in him doesn’t refrain from his duties.

It would be interesting to watch these two disturbed but dedicated and righteous men in their own manner encounter each other. With some amazing performances and brilliant shots, this web series seems to be the one to change the course of mainstream storytelling for Indian web audience. The trailer of Breathe shows us an array of emotions from happiness and joy to sadness and derangement. And Madhavan seems to have to put down his chocolate-boy look completely because he has transformed into a cold-hearted psychopath in every frame. Even without saying anything, his eyes say enough to keep us stuck in our seats. Yet, somehow all of that comes out of love.

Produced under the banner of Abundantia Entertainment, it is also their first venture in the digital platform and is available in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil and is set to release on 26th January.

Watch Trailer Here:-