ALTBalaji's #PressForProgress makes the strong case for Women Empowerment


On the occasion of Women Day, ALTBalaji released an empowering video on their YouTube Channel titled #PressForPower. The video gives out a strong message about women, equality and strength. The TV Czarina, Ekta Kapoor has been ruling in the digital space lately with her new powerful and entertaining stories. Consisting of snippets from their shows, this video is an eyeopener for all.

The video starts with supers flashing on the screen that says, "Women are NOT equal" and then goes on with "Women are NOT strong like MEN". The video further goes on to compare bravery and smartness with men. At the same time, we see the male protagonists of the show The Test Case and Haq Se pinning down the female leads of the show. Unarguably, we can say that it represents the reality of the society.


And then... It changes the course of the narrative.

We see Nimrat Kaur a.k.a Shikha Sharma of The Test Case who goes on to explain the strength of a woman and man. At the moment all that you can think is - there you have it, the perfect answer to end the never-ending battle of the sexes. And just then, we see supers flashing on the screen that read, "They are BOLD, AMBITIOUS, RESILIENT, PASSIONATE".

The video entirely consists of people from the shows but portrays the reality of the world. Once women were oppressed and submissive but the dynamics are changing every day. It is important to realize that every step women take will, in fact, press the society towards progress.

Now that's a video that truly celebrates women and men at the same time. This Women's Day lets make it about celebrating the uprising of half of the world instead of tagging it as a pseudo-equality movement.


Check out the video here: