Boycott Netflix trends after Hasan Minhaj takes a dig at PM Narendra Modi and Lok Sabha Elections 2019


Hasan Minhaj accepted his fans’ request to do an episode on upcoming Indian General Elections but he must not have anticipated the backlash he will receive. He tried to break down the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 for the global audience but ended up ruffling quite a few feathers the wrong way. He analyzed the current state of Indian politics and took a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Netflix’s Patriot Act. The comedian shared a video where he can be seen discussing the idea with his family and friends who think it to be a bad idea. Apparently, he was expecting backlash and he was right because he got ample amounts of it on social media with people asking to boycott Netflix.

Twitterati felt Minhaj did not do proper research and was largely biased against the incumbent Prime Minister and his government. The hashtag #BoycottNetflix has started trending and people on social media are not very happy with the episode. While there were a few who advised others to watch the episode before it’s taken down by Netflix.

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Check out some tweets asking people to boycott Netflix


Here’s how Hasan reacted to the comments on his episode.

Hasan took a dig at PM Modi in the episode and likened him to US President Donald Trump. He pointed out the promises that Modi’s government could not fulfill and also focused on how Congress lost the 2014 elections because of too many scams.