Barot House: Amit Sadh’s and Manjari Fadnis’ Zee5 film's trailer is eerie, disturbing and gripping


The trailer of Zee5’s Barot House is out and it offers a very disturbing look into a loving family’s house when the daughter of the house loses her life under mysterious circumstances. Amit Sadh and Manjari Fadnis star in this film. They are a happily married couple with three children in tow. But tragedy strikes when their little girl gets murdered.

The trailer shows both the parents reacting hysterically to the situation. While we get to assume that Amit’s character is a little unhinged but it also shows that he is an immensely loving father who dotes on his children. The trailer is eerie, suspenseful and a tad disturbing.

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In the trailer we see Amit searching frantically in his house while we get to see flashbacks of his loving time with his family and children. He ultimately holds a door open that shows some gruesome scene which is not visible to the audience. Barot House’s trailer showcases Amit and Manjari as a happy couple much in love with their three children. However, tragedy strikes and these happy excerpts are cut short with the parents doubting each other and becoming a little deranged. In an extremely disturbing scene, we see Amit adjusting a noose around his son’s neck.

The film is apparently based on true incidents and is defined as a gripping thriller. Barot House also stars Aaryan Menghji, Kierra Soni, and Kisha Arora and is scheduled to premiere on August 7 on Zee5.

Watch the trailer below:

(Source: YouTube)