REJCTX Season 2 trailer: Esha Gupta and Sumeet Vyas are caught in this cat-and-mouse game of dark hidden secret and web of lies


After teasing us with a teaser recently, the makers of REJCTX2 have unveiled the trailer of the series. REJCTX2  is a teen-drama, musical thriller and coming of age story that revolves around the lives of seven Indian students studying in The Jefferson World School. These privileged kids are thrust into the exclusive world of the rich, right where they belong. But eventually, they find themselves at the disposal of their own insecurities. REJCTX2 is an expression of that restlessness by a bunch of misfits and rebels. Will the youngsters reunite and fulfil their dreams, or will they be thwarted by a new enemy?

The trailer begins with Esha Gupta aka Officer Rene’s dauntless entry to investigate the murder of the counsellor who was having an affair with Aarav Sharma, the lead. Whilst she digs deeper into the case, the mystery unveils the darkest secret of these kids. REJCTX2 is a roller-coaster thriller that will break stereotypes. As the trailer depicts, the show’s narrative will revolve around the mysterious character ‘X’ that the kids want to confront to find his/her true motive.

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Talking about the trailer producer-director of REJCTX2, Goldie Behl expresses, "The young cast are the stars of the show, they will not only break stereotypes, but the youth will resonate with every character. The second season takes off from season one with even bolder characters. Esha Gupta's role is critical and she has done complete justice to her digital debut. Sumeet returns as Vice-Principal and has done a phenomenal join yet again. We are geared up to present a gripping narrative and a roller-coaster ride for the viewers in this edge of the seat musical thriller. Eagerly waiting for the premiere on ZEE5 on 14th May.”

Season 2 will see a whole new side to these characters with the addition of Tanvi Shinde (‘Yesha’) who will be the new entry to this group of talented kids. Sumeet Vyas (Farhan Hussain) will play the role of the Vice President of the school just like season one. While the first had Sumeet Vyas and Kubbra Sait, season two will have Esha Gupta who is making her digital debut, where she plays the character of Police Officer Rene.  The makers of the show released the teaser of season 2 recently, which gives us a glimpse of the ‘privileged rich kids of the Jefferson World School’ from Esha’s viewpoint. 

The young cast includes Masi Wali as Aarav Sharma, Anisha Victor as Kiara Tiwari, Ayush Khurana as Mandy, Prabhneet Singh as Harry, Ridhi Khakhar as Parnomitra Rai, Saadhika Syal as Sehmat Ali, Pooja Shetty as Misha Patel and Tanvi Shinde as Yesha. The new season of REJCTX 2 has more excitement coming your way and it will be streaming on 14th May on ZEE5!