Indian Matchmaking: 'Sima Taparia' from Mumbai's reality show on Netflix is fodder for memes that won't allow you to 'compromise' on laughter


After rejecting it for 'not being white enough', Netflix greenlit director Smriti Mundhra's show titled Indian Matchmaking. The idea of the show was pitched back in 2009-10 and after a decade long wait, it is currently streaming on the OTT platform. As its title suggests, Indian Matchmaking is a reality show wherein an elite matchmaker Sima Taparia from Mumbai is accountable for finding brides and grooms for her clients in India and the US. Taking us through the process of arranged marriage in India and offering an insight into the custom in modern times, the reality show is regressive to an extent that it became great fodder for hilarious memes. Without 'comprising' on any of the aspects, social media was flooded with backlash. So much so, Indian Matchmaking is one of the trending topics on digital right now!

Right from advocating sexism, racism, colourism to blaming the stars when a proposal is rejected, Sima aunty made the audience feel uncomfortable as if they were interacting with the annoying relative at weddings who pester you to get married at an early age as a measure to have 'baccha' soon. However, Indian Matchmaking was a way to dispel myths about arranged marriage culture in India, but unfortunately portrays a certain section of people as elitist, casteist, ageist, sexist and regressive. 

While the show is regressive and least relatable, the memes are here to save the day! Moments after Indian Matchmaking premiered on Netflix, the audience couldn't hold back their emotions and let loose their thoughts while watching the show. With Sima aunty (aka human Tinder) asking her clients to compromise a little, social media paid no heed and didn't allow laughter to be 'compromised' and 'adjusted'. But Akshay's mother Preeti has a different fan base altogether! So sit back and enjoy a ride of hilarious memes! Pssst... Canadian author and screenwriter Kelly Oxford too found the show to be amusing! 


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Indian Matchmaking also features Aparna Shewakramani, Pradhyuman Marloo, Nadia Jagessar, Vyasar Ganesan, Ankita Bansal, Rupam and Richa.

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