JL50 trailer: Abhay Deol-Pankaj Kapur’s sci-fi series encompasses time travel of a plane that lands after taking off 35 years ago


The trailer of Abhay Deol’s web series JL50 has been dropped. The series is a sci-fi thriller that takes into account time travel. Abhay plays an investigative officer who is tasked to unravel the mystery behind the airplane’s crash landing after it flew from Kolkata airport 35 years ago.

The trailer of JL50 is highly intriguing as it shows two survivors from the plane crash that are unaware of the fact that they have landed in 2019 while they embarked on the plane journey in 1984. JL50 sees Abhay trying to unravel the mystery behind the supposed time travel. He remains sceptical about the entire scenario and is trying to solve the riddle behind the improbable crash landing.

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JL5o also stars Pankaj Kapur, Piyush Mishra, Rajesh Sharma and Ritika Anand. It will start streaming on SonyLIV from September 4.

Watch the trailer here:

(Source: YouTube)