The Crown Season 4: Emma Corrin’s Princess Diana and Gillian Anderson’s Margaret Thatcher enter the royal fray in a teaser that foreshadows the ending of fairy tale


Netflix has dropped the brand new teaser for the fourth season of its royal drama The Crown. However, its spine-chilling soundtrack foreshadows the calamity that is about to befall the royal family and is far cry from the buoyant spirit that we’ve seen previously. Its haunting background score offers a deep sense of foreboding that all is not well with The Windsors and the fairy tale is about to crash.

The narrator recalls, “Here is the stuff of which fairy tales are made, a prince and princess on their wedding day. But fairy tales usually end at this point with the simple phrase, 'They lived happily ever after.'"

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The Prince and the Princess in question are Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) and Lady Diana Spencer (Emma Corrin), the soon-to-be Princess of Wales introduced for the first time in the trailer. Her liveliness and cheerful smile soon gives way to heartbreak, sadness and turmoil. We also get to see Gillian Anderson’s Margaret Thatcher as she braves one storm after another.

The trailer has few smiles as Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman), Prince Philip (Tobias Menzies) and Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter) all portray sombre and serious expressions. Gillian as British PM is in contrast to Diana’s more carefree and vibrant character. The Crown Season 4 launches globally on Netflix on Nov. 15.

Watch the trailer here:

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