To All The Boys: Always and Forever trailer – Lana Condor’s and Noah Centineo’s love must stand the test of time, distance and adulthood in the third and final part


2021 has finally a ray of hope and some mush in store for all of us as Netflix just dropped the trailer of To All The Boys: Always and Forever. The teen romcom’s third part will be the ultimate one and brings the protagonists Lara Jean (Lana Condor) and Peter (Noah Centineo) in their final year of high school and all ready to take the plunge into adult territory by starting college.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever catches up with Lara and Peter as they must face the prospect of going to the same college or going their separate ways. The trailer also acted as the streaming giant’s surprise announcement for the film’s release date. The trailer shows Lara and Peter smitten in love and looking forward to the ever-important high school prom while also trying to ensure that they go to the same college.

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However, fate has something else in store as apparently Lara fails to get in the same college, i.e Stanford University. Will their love stand the test of time, space and distance in this last film that remains to be seen. To All the Boys: Always and Forever is set to premiere on February 12, 2021 on Netflix.

Watch the full trailer below:

(Source: YouTube)