UP Police reaches Mumbai to investigate FIR against Pankaj Tripathi's 'Mirzapur' makers


The Supreme Court on Thursday issued a notice on plea of a Mirzapur resident complaining against the web series Mirzapur and Amazon Prime for maligning the image of his native place in Uttar Pradesh. "Mirzapur has rich cultural value, but in 2018 Excel Entertainment has launched a web series named Mirzapur of 9 episodes in which they have shown Mirzapur a city of goons and adulteresses," said the plea.

Now, a team of police officers from Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, reached the Mumbai Crime Branch. The UP police officers are in Mumbai to investigate an FIR filed against makers of Mirzapur in the Mirzapur district. Three team officials from the UP police will be questioning makers of Mirzapur and officials of Amazon Prime Video. The team of UP police officers sought necessary permission and local assistance after reaching the DCP office of the Mumbai crime branch.

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Speaking to a news website, SHO BH Chaurasia said, "Based on the complaint we had filed an FIR against web series Mirzapur. The FIR was filed against three people - Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar and an Amazon Prime official. We are here at the Mumbai crime branch to take necessary permission from the DCP office. However, DCP is not present and therefore we will come again to take permission. The makers have used extremely foul language in Mirzapur. This tarnishes image of the city Mirzapur."

The officer added, "The FIR was registered on January 17 at the Kotwali Dehat police station. Once we get permission we will be questioning all who are named in the FIR."

(Source: India Today)