Ripped off without any decency: Plagiarism allegations levelled against poster of Ekta Kapoor's series His Storyy by makers of Indie film LOEV


Satyadeep Misra, Priyamani and Mrinal Dutt's upcoming web show, titled His Storyy, garnered much attention after the poster and teaser were launched recently. The Ekta Kapoor-produced show will release on ALT Balaji on April 25. However, His Storyy has landed in trouble for creative reasons. The similarities between the posters of the ALT Balaji's show and 2015's film LOEV were discovered. 

Art director and film marketing strategist Jahan Bakshi alleged that the makers of His Storyy stole the design of LOEV starring Dhruv Ganesh and Shiv Panditt. Jahan tweeted, "Bro @altbalaji are you okay? I mean if you need someone to design posters I can help you, I promise it doesn't cost that much." 

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Jahan further continued, "This poster for LOEV was designed by @TalkPigeonCo and illustrated by Rohan Pore. We spent months on it. Investing solid time/money on a poster for an indie film is difficult. And yet, a studio which surely has the resources to commission original designs opts to steal it. Sad."

Sudhanshu Saria, the director of LOEV, slammed the creative team behind His Storyy's poster and tweeted, "WHY IS THIS INDUSTRY LIKE THIS? Woke up to find that our painstakingly illustrated, original poster for @loevfilm has just been blatantly ripped off by the geniuses at @altbalaji @ZEE5Premium for their show #HisStoryy " He further said, "Thirteen months of back and forth and so many drafts by the amazing minds at @TalkPigeonCo with oversight by @jahanbakshi and amazingly illustrated by artist @rohanpore just ripped off without any decency. (2)" He added, "Am glad they liked our poster; am glad they're telling a queer story but why do this? What is the need? We made our poster with no funds to speak of. Why have a massive machinery like @altbalaji @ZEE5India if you can't even come up with your own poster? (3)"

He then tweeted, "Alerting my fellow artists @satyadeepmisra @MrinalDutt02 @Suparn -- if you didn't know, now you do. @ektarkapoor @TweetBaljit @ThisIsHowWeDing Let's all do better. (4)" Sudhanshu also said, "As a producer, I apologise to my collaborators and artists for not being able to protect their work better. Please feel RT and Share. This culture must end."

On March 2, Jahan highlighted the similarities between the posters of ALT Balaji's The Married Woman starring Ridhi Dogra-Monica Dogra and films Ammonite featuring Kate Winslet and Ingmar Bergman's Persona.

Now, ALT Balaji has responded to the entire controversy. An ALTBalaji spokesperson said, "We at ALTBalaji hold every artist's representation of work as paramount and will never intentionally pick up another artist's hard work. We have got multiple creative partners working on our show posters and are doing our due diligence on this.”

(Source: Twitter)