Watch: Karan Mehra claims wife Nisha Rawal was diagnosed with bipolar disorder; actress accepts the diagnosis in a press conference


Karan Mehra who has been granted bail after his arrest by the Mumbai Police on June 1, revealed shocking details about his marriage to Nisha Rawal. Karan revealed in an interview that Nisha was diagnosed with bipolar disorder five-six years ago. Now, Nisha has also come forward and accepted the diagnosis in a press conference as she spoke about their marital discord.

Talking to a daily, he said, “Actually, Nisha has mood swings and violent anger streak. She would throw stuff and hit herself and others. Five-six years ago, she was diagnosed as bipolar. People, including our friends and relatives have seen her behaviour in public and I couldn’t take it anymore. I have been disrespected and now to use the bechari girl card is unbelievable. People know me in the industry and know what I have put into this marriage and done things for her. Today, I am not in a position to give what she wants and this is what I get? Jab lavish life thi, tum enjoy karte the, aaj bura time hai, we have to cope, toh you want to separate. I agreed to separation but to take everything, is not done. Karan ko sadak pe lao aur hume saare paise mile, yeh plan hai. If I give her all what I earn, what will I survive on.”

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Today, during a press conference, Nisha accepted Karan’s claim and revealed that she indeed has bipolar disorder and was diagnosed with it when she lost her baby. She also alleged that Karan is having an extramarital affair and has sold off her wedding jewelery. Watch her below:

Karan alleged that the domestic violence accusation that Nisha leveled against him was planned by her and her brother and accused them of switching off the CCTV cameras of their house. He has claimed that Nisha banged her own head on the wall and is now accusing him of domestic abuse. Karan said, “There was no proof of what she did. And they suddenly took out their phone cameras to record what happened. It felt like a plot against. They called the cops and so did I and even the cops understood what the truth was. I am not a violent person and I told Nisha to swear on our son that I did that but she didn’t.”

 (Source: HT/Instagram)