The Golden Empire of Yi Ti: HBO Max developing two more animated spinoff shows on ‘Game of Thrones’, live-action ‘Flea Bottom’ cancelled


HBO Max has got quite a lot up its sleeve when it comes to Game of Thrones-inspired animation slate. While a single animated project was previously reported to be in development in January, now it is rumoured that the streamer is working on at least two more potential shows.

As per reports published in an online portal, one of the three projects will showcase a territory that was never seen on the original series. One of the spinoffs will be set in The Golden Empire of Yi Ti (or simply Yi Ti) is a region in the continent of Essos, near the south-eastern limits of the known world in author George RR Martin created fantasy world. It is inspired by Imperial China. Plot details on the other two animated spinoffs have not been revealed yet.

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Yi Ti had a fleeting reference in Game of Thrones but in HBO’s upcoming prequel series House of the Dragon, Lord Corlys Velaryon the “Sea Snake” famously sailed to Yi Ti and back. On the other hand, Flea Bottom, a project reported to be in the development based on life in the infamous King’s Landing slum has been shelved.

The only post GoT project that is definitely going forward and is in the works is House of the Dragon, which is set for a 2022 release. Other spinoffs reportedly in the workds are 10,000 Ships that follows the warrior queen Nymeria, a revered ancestor of House Martell who is credited to have founded the kingdom of Dorne and 9 Voyages from Bruno Heller which follows Velaryon.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)