Couple of Things: Nakuul Mehta and Jankee Parekh revisit their special ‘jagah’ of their love story on Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol’s popular channel


Nakuul Mehta and Jankee Parekh, the much-loved celebrity couple, recently revisited the special 'jagah' of their love story on Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol’s popular show Couple of Things. The episode featured a special guest appearance from the couple, who also shared their own love story with viewers on the first episode of their new series - Yehi Wo Jagah Hai.

In the episode, Nakuul and Jankee revisited the location where it all began - a dance auditorium. Swooned by Jankee at first sight, it took him two months to get her number. While taking us through their fairytale love story, they also talked about their initial reluctance and how they eventually fell in love.

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They shared candid conversations, laughter, and heartwarming moments with the hosts, Amrita and RJ Anmol, who also talked about their own love story. Interestingly, not many know that Nakuul and Amrita have worked on an advertisement together years ago.

Filled with warmth and nostalgia, this new series of Couple of Things provides a unique perspective on the lives of famous couples and their love stories and is a beautiful reminder of the power of love.

(Source: Agencies)