A Viral Wedding Review: Shreya Dhanwanthary and Amol Parashar knock it out of the park with their 'E-Shaadi' in lockdown!


Show: A Viral Wedding
OTT: Eros Now
Cast: Shreya Dhanwanthary, Anmol Parashar, Sharib Hashmi, Sunny Hinduja, Aritro R Banerjee, Aishwarya Chaudhary, Sonali Sachdev and Mohit Raina
Director: Shreya Dhanwanthary
Rating: 3.5 Moons


The global pandemic, Coronavirus, has brought India to a standstill. But does that stop a couple from getting married? With virtual communication and social distancing being the new norm, E-Shaadis are here to save the day! With a kickass concept by Stree fame director duo Raj & DK, actress Shreya Dhanwanthary took it upon herself to write, act and direct a unique lockdown micro-series A Viral Wedding, where all the actors filmed themselves from their homes. And the result is probably the sweetest shaadi you will get to see on the internet in lockdown. 

Nisha (Shreya Dhanwanthary), a social media influencer, in all set for a 'Big Fat Indian Wedding' with her fiance Rishabh (Amol Parashar). But just before the wedding functions are to kickstart, her elaborate plans are put on hold by the Prime Minister's nationwide lockdown announcement on March 24. Nisha and Rishabh are in shock and so is their wedding coordinator and groom's BFF Imti (Aritro R Banerjee) whose wedding list is suddenly slashed down to zero from 70. But Nisha doesn't get bog down and decides to put social media to use - how about an online wedding? But the ride to a virtual wedding isn't a smooth one. Nisha's brother Nishant (Sunny Hinduja) leaves it up to his sister to convince their parents of this not-so-traditional idea and kaaboom, Nisha finds her father has been tested positive with COVID-19! And while Rishabh decides to support Nisha and her E-Shaadi plan, a blast from past knocks oops rings on our heroine's cell phone! Yudi (Mohit Raina), Nisha's ex proposes her but things iron out with some sane advice from her another social media influencer fitness instructor Aditi (Aishwarya Chaudhary). Nisha and Rishabh, with her mother's approval (Sonali Sachdev), begin on the hunt for an online pandit and cross paths with Ujjwal Pujari (Sharib Hashmi). After many hurdles, emotional drama, and hilarious lockdown challenges, the two finally get married. 

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“No humans were harmed” in the making of the series, the cheeky disclaimer says at the beginning of each episode. “No one ever stepped out and met each other. We still can’t believe we managed to pull this off!”  The Eros Now micro-series is emotional, funny, and extremely real at the same time. Creators Raj & DK have belted out the new normal for the OTT viewers, a series 'made at home' for the 'home audience.' Shreya, who doubles up as the lead actress and director has done a terrific job. Understanding the series has been completely shot on the actors' phone or Go-Pro cameras and the editing and pre/post-production has been done from technicians’ home, the end results are rather enjoyable. You will be able to connect with Nisha and Rishabh's cute love story and their decision to take the plunge, online. Anmol as the lovable, supporting fiance will have all your votes. Sharib makes sure his brief stint as Pujari is hilarious with cracking one-liners. The supporting cast - Mohit, Artiro, Sunny and Aishwarya are well-suited for their brief parts and fill in the blanks, appropriately. 

But what works best for the series is its duration. The micro-series comprises of 8 minutes long nine  episodes, making it a perfunctory, endearing ride. The writing is clean, and considering the action-reaction is not shot face-to-face, credits are due to the makers to have made the show look convincing. 

But hey, will the couple tie the knot again when the lockdown ends? Will Nisha-Rishabh still want to stay married? And with many such questions hanging in the air, A Viral Wedding definitely merits for Season 2! Time to say, 'I Do!'

PeepingMoon gives A VIRAL WEDDING 3.5 Moons