Broken But Beautiful 3 Review: Sidharth Shukla and Sonia Rathee are rock solid in their passionate love story


Web Series: Broken But Beautiful 3

Cast: Sidharth Shukla, Sonia Rathee, Ehan Bhat, Saloni Khanna, Jahnavi Dhanrajgir

Director: Priyanka Ghose

Episodes: 10

OTT: ALT Balaji app

Rating: 3.5 Moons

For Agastya Rao, a hot-headed, impulsive theatre director, ‘love is a glamourised four-letter word for self-inflicted pain’. On the other hand, Rumi Desai, a girl with all monetary privileges, is deprived of ‘love’. When their diverse worlds collide, nothing but sparks fly! Ekta Kapoor, Sarita A Tanwar & Niraj Kothari’s much-anticipated web show Broken But Beautiful 3 has premiered on ALT Balaji today and it introduces Sidharth Shukla and Sonia Rathee to the digital world. Directed by Priyanka Ghose, the 10-episode web show has a simple premise that is polished with realistic acting, emotions and a cast that seems to perfectly fit into their roles. 

It begins with Agastya (Sidharth) drunk to an extent that he is unable to hold himself. He talks about how his heart broke shattered and seems irreparable. Going back in time, we learn about how Agastya met Rumi (Sonia). A rich and young girl, Rumi seeks validation from people around her as she has never experienced love in its purest form. While Agastya and Rumi’s first meet isn’t a pleasant one, they grow fond of each other despite the invisible glass wall that separates the rich from the middle-class. Agastya has dedicated his time and energy to his theatre group and Rumi's desire is to take her relationship forward with her childhood friend and boyfriend Ishan Rana (Ehan Bhat). However, Ishan has no plans to slow down in terms of dating. He keeps changing his girlfriend like clothes. 

As Rumi thinks the situation for her won’t get any worse, her younger step-sister Mayra (Saloni Khanna) enters the picture. Her family throws a homecoming party for Mayra and Agastya is Rumi’s guest. But due to a sudden twist in the circumstances, Rumi decides to turn producer for Agastya’s play. In turn, he makes her the leading lady.  Agastya, who has had no history of love, begins falling for Rumi who constantly keeps seeking validation from Ishan, a person who doesn’t hesitate while going intimate with Rumi’s sister. Will Rumi realise her love for Agastya? Will AgMi have a happy ending? Will their broken hearts ever mend? Well, one has to watch the show to learn. 

In the first 4 preview episodes, director Priyanka establishes her characters well. Right from Agastya to Mayra, every character is etched well and defined sharply. Though Broken But Beautiful 3’s story might seem like old wine in a new bottle, the freshness comes with the way the characters and actors navigate through it. Certain scenes, like the intimate ones, seem hurried and happen early in the story. Not to worry, they won’t make you feel awkward! 

The strength of Broken But Beautiful 3 lies in its actors. Especially Sidharth and Sonia who got the chance to showcase their scintillating chemistry right from the first episode. The Bigg Boss 13 winner makes an acting comeback after 4 years and oh darling, he breathes life into Agastya with uncanny ease and dignity. 

The confidence in Sidharth's eyes, swag in his body language and attitude in his dialogue delivery prove that Agastya was made only for Sidharth. As the new-age angry young man of the web, Sidharth as Agastya brings out a middle-class man’s struggle to make it big in the world of theatres and dramatics. Wearing purani jeans, chappal and a sutta (cigarette) in his hand, Agastya uses his courage and mufat nature to pave his way into the starry world. As they say, experience is the greatest teacher, Agastya teaches Rumi to love herself and not seek validation from others. Showing her the mirror of reality, he gives her confidence like nobody else. Oh, did we forget to say Sidharth looks extremely good?

Sonia, who is also making her debut, aces the role of Rumi to the T. She doesn’t just look stunning but carries herself with grace and poise. Let’s admit that Rumi is the celluloid version of every girl who is a queen but somewhere deep down, we all desire a tangible tiara rather than an invisible one. She is insecure, flawed, obsessed with her lover and wants to be on top of the world with all eyes on her. The switch in her expression when she learns her sister is more than just a friend to Ishan is simply commendable. 

Sidharth and Sonia successfully manage to take forward the franchise that was made popular by Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi in the previous 2 seasons. They lend their own freshness to the show and don't try to replicate anyone. Indeed, it is their solid OTT debut. Ehan does a wonderful job as Ishan. You’ll definitely start hating him and that’s when you know that he has done his job well. Saloni as Mayra is good too. Though we couldn’t see more of her in the first 4 episodes. 

The music has been the highlight of the Broken But Beautiful franchise. It doesn’t disappoint in the third edition too. Akhil Sachdeva’s Tere Naal and Vishal Mishra’s Teri Hogaiyaan and Shreya Ghoshal-Dev Negi’s Yeh Kya Hua, all songs are delightful. 

Broken But Beautiful has always been a very progressive show. This time too, it takes a step forward. It seems a possible same-sex love angle will be introduced over 10 episodes and we can’t wait to watch broken hearts mend. After Vikrant and Harleen made Broken But Beautiful a successful franchise with their fresh pairing, Sidharth and Sonia seem to be just the right successors to take it ahead. There is no doubt that Broken But Beautiful 3 will break records.  Watch it especially for Sidharth, Sonia and the rest of the cast as they take you into their world of love, passion, obsession and realisation through a smooth ride. Do watch all the 10 episodes for a complete ride.

PeepingMoon gives Broken But Beautiful 3 3.5 Moons