Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives Season 2 Review: Maheep Kapoor, Bhavana Pandey, Seema Sajdeh and Neelam Kothari Soni will make you want to give them a tight hug


Web series: Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives Season 2

Cast: Maheep Kapoor, Bhavana Pandey, Seema Sajdeh, Neelam Kothari Soni and ensemble

OTT Platform: Netflix

Rating: 3 Moons

Two years after giving us an exclusive and spicy first-time sneak-peek into their lives, the 'Fabulous Bollywood Wives' Maheep Kapoor, Bhavana Pandey, Seema Sajdeh and Neelam Kothari Soni are back! In the second season of Netflix's popular show Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives, these tinsel town besties open the gate to lesser-known, darker and 'societally' uncomfortable topics.

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A lot has changed since the first season released. One of the changes known to the nation is Seema's separation from Sohail Khan. Maheep's daughter Shanaya Kapoor is currently shooting for her debut film. Bhavana's daughter Ananya Panday is a youth sensation and Neelam is considering returning to work. Those who found the first season to just be a fun, frivolous watch, you will be left surprised, delightfully. Retaining the sass, Maheep, Seema, Bhavana and Neelam address the elephant in the room with every new episode. 

Starting with Seema, what struck the right chord with me was the sign board at a church that said, "When you let go, you grow". The indication is pretty clear that the designer is clearly leaving bitter memories behind and taking a step towards a bright and happy future. In the first episode itself, she takes the decision of dropping Khan from her surname. After an important decision-making session with her siblings, she sits down with her elder son Nirvan to start a conversation about her separation and letting go of 'Khan'. One should applaud Seema for going on record and assuring women that it is okay to let go of certain things that make you unhappy and unsatisfied. 

Maheep, the queen of sass, has many beans to spill. While she makes for a lovely pair with Sanjay Kapoor, it has been revealed in Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives 2 that not all marriages are happy all the time. Some of them require compromises, at least for the sake of the well-being of children. A deeper, carefully guarded side to Maheep has been reflected beautifully in the show. Not just her fans, but the audience of the show would want to give her a tight hug for being the person she is. 

How sweet and loveable is Bhavana! It is high time to know her as a strong-headed individual rather than Chunky Panday's wife and Ananya's mother. A spin-off season based on her wouldn't harm at all. One of the most relatable actors of the season, she wins hearts with her simplicity. Neelam, the stunner, will make you believe that she was and will be a star in the true sense. The opening episode itself is a masterstroke. Without revealing much, just go and watch her. 

While Maheep, Seema, Bhavana and Neelam are the soul of Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives 2, the sunshine is added by the younger generation. Cameos by Ananya, Rysa Panday, Shanaya Kapoor, Jahaan Kapoor, Nirvan, Yohan Khan and Arhaan Khan are the best. Oh, did I forget to mention Malaika Arora's name? She is fabulous as always. 

Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives 2 has to be enjoyed with an open and relaxed mind. If you are interested in celebrity gossips and fun stuff, this is your go-to show once again. Having said this, the show, at regular intervals, feels pretentious. Targetted heavily towards the elite class, it might fail to connect to ardent OTT viewers who are looking out for some closer to their reality and surroundings. Constant discussions about how hard their kids have worked to make it to the film industry come across as a conscious effort to hit back at naysayers and nepotism trolls.

In totality, if you are bored of watching serious content, Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives 2 should help you relax.  

PeepingMoon.com gives Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives 2, 3 Moons.