What’s Worth What: Crushing over the ‘details’ of Suhana Khan’s Cartier jewels? Well, its price will CRUSH you harder!


Looking at her elite taste in fashion and sound sartorial choices it’s a given that nothing is ordinary when it comes to Suhana Khan. Given her father is Bollywood’s Badshah, Shah Rukh Khan, one cannot deny all the perks that come with it.

Recently, Suhana gave us a sneak peek of her luxe accessories collection with her latest Instagram post and we swear, we haven’t seen so many lakhs of rupees in a single picture. (Except for heist films and series, duh!)


A post shared by Suhana Khan (@suhanakhan2) on

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In a post shared by Suhana, we could spot all kinds of blings right from her stash of bracelets to her neck chains and rings. One of the many bracelets that rest on her wrist is Cartier’s love bracelet which comes with a whopping price tag of Rs. 5,06,927. (£5,350) And that’s just ONE of the several ones!

(Image Source- Official Website of Cartier)

We could also spot two other bracelets that appeared to be of Louis Vuitton, adding to the expensive affair. Apart from these, she sported a blingy diamond bracelet along with a silver one as well.

But bracelets were just one of the ‘blings’ she flaunted that shone brighter than our future! Suhana also decked up her fingers with double Cartier’s love rings that came at a cost of £4,700 and £3,510 making it a total of Rs. 7,78,909 (£8,210).

(Image Source- Official Website of Cartier)

(Image Source- Official Website of Cartier)

Besides the Cartier rings, we could also spot a rose gold based diamond ring in another finger and sparkly diamond pendants with delicate chains on her neck.

Wow, looking at the jewelry worth million rupees in a single post, we wonder how does her accessories collection really look like?

(Source-Instagram, Official Website of Cartier)