Acclaimed author Paulo Coelho lavish praise on Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan, calls him ‘King, Legend, Friend, Great Actor’


Shah Rukh Khan is probably the biggest superstar this country has seen. The actor boasts a massive fan following not only in India and overseas but also amongst international celebs as well and that’s saying something. Now, his stardom was proved once again to all the naysayers when acclaimed Brazilian author Paulo Coelho hailed the actor as, “King. Legend.Friend, Great Actor” after the roaring success of his latest film, Pathaan.

On Thursday, February 2, Paulo took to his Twitter account and reshared the video of Shah Rukh Khan greeting his fans outside Mannat after the blockbuster success of his latest release Pathaan. He wrote, “King. Legend. Friend. But above all GREAT ACTOR (for those who don’t know him in the West, I strongly suggest "My name is Khan- and I am not a terrorist")".

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This is not the first time that the author had heaped praise on SRK and his film My Name is Khan. In 2017, on the seventh anniversary of the Karan Johar directorial, Paulo had written, “My Name is Khan and I am not a terrorist" Congratulations @iamsrk for the 7th anniversary of this wonderful movie!" He had also written that the actor deserved an Oscar “if Hollywood was not manipulated.” SRK had responded with humility and tweeted, “Thank u so much. My next journey is to try and meet u in person. Love and health to u."

Interestingly, the iconic Om Shanti Om dialogue about the universe conspiring to give you things that you truly, really want was a literal translation of Paulo’s words written in his best-selling book The Alchemist.

(Source: Twitter)