Shah Rukh Khan hosts Ask SRK session on Twitter, gives epic replies about Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham and Pathaan success


Shah Rukh Khan is one again reigning supreme at the box office with his film Pathaan that has cross Rs 700 crore mark worldwide. Now, the actor who refrained from doing any promotions for Pathaan lit up the internet today when he asked his fans to send in queries for a #AskSRK session on Twitter. As usual, Shah Rukh was at his wittiest best as he answered questions about John Abraham, Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone, Gauri Khan, Rakhi and Dimple Kapadia.

However, he gave an epic answer when asked whether John Abraham’s character Jim survives in the film. A fan asked SRK about John’s character in the film and wrote, “Sir Jim zinda hai kya?”, to this SRK replied, “I don’t know after dropping him I went straight for a shampoo…remember. #Pathaan.”

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A fan shared pictures from SRK’s photoshoot and while complimenting for his looks wrote, “How long ago was this? You look so cute!! #ASKSRK @iamsrk.” SRK being SRK gave all the credit to his son and wrote, “Can’t tell…kya hai na Har picture mein hi cute lagta hoon….apne bete pe gaya hoon.” 

Another wanted Rs 1 crore from the Rs 700 crore that Pathaan has grossed at the box office but Shah Rukh had an epic reply for him as he said, “Bhai itna rate of return nahi milta not even on share market. See it a few times more then let’s see…ha ha #Pathaan.” 

SRK also shared the answers regarding his leading ladies and female co-stars like Nayanthara in Jawan and Deepika and Dimple in Pathaan and Rakhi in Karan Arjun. A fan asked, “Hii sir, #nayantara mam ke saath #Jawan me kaam karke kaisa feel hua ? Any special thing about mam..” SRK replied and said, “She is very sweet. Speaks all languages so well….fantastic experience. Hope u all will@like her in the film.” 

A fan asked King Khan to pick his favourite moment from Pathaan, to this the actor gave a hilarious reply and said, “Deepika and me trying to open the locker professionally. We dropped everything and goofed up every move…including losing the lock and key during the jump!!!” 

Since Pathaan presents SRK in an action avatar for the first time, a user requested him to continue with action roles, to this he quipped, “Haan yaar but bahut painkillers khaani padhti hain…uff. #Pathaan.” 

When asked to choose between Dimple and Rakhi, Shah Rukh said, “Arre yaar telling me to choose between love and love…not possible. Both are the most beautiful elegant and loving ladies I have worked with.” 

Salman Khan’s film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan teaser was attached to Pathaan’s release, so when a fan asked whether SRK would watch the film, he said, “Bhai ki picture hai…dekhna toh laazmi hai!!” 

He was also asked about his wife Gauri Khan’s reaction after watching Pathaan, to which SRK said, “She was very happy. The whole family is very happy for me.” 

A fan asked SRK’s reaction to Pathaan demolishing all the box office records. SRK in his humble way heaped praise on Siddharth Anand and Aditya Chopra and said, “I liked the film a lot but didn’t know it will be loved so much….all because of Adi and Sids belief and vision. #Pathaan.”

When a fan asked him “why is dunky so special for u? #ask”, Shahrukh replied “Raju…Raju…Raju and Abhijaat….Abhijaat”. 

All in all, it was a fun AskSRK session that enlivened everyone’s weekend.

SRK's film Jawan's director Atlee recently became a father so a fan wanted to know whether he had met the baby and asked, "@iamsrk Met with @Atlee_dir & @priyaatlee new baby?", To which SRK replied, "Yes he is too sweet and Masha Allah healthy". 

(Source: Twitter)