Father used to beat us a lot, attempted suicide a couple of times: Urfi Javed opens up about her difficult childhood


Urfi Javed, also spelt as Uorfi, is the current trendsetter and is often active in surprising the fashion police with her shocking and bold new experiments with outfits. Recently, she bleached her eyebrows and coloured her hair pink for a magazine's cover photoshoot. Not just this, but the actress opened up about her childhood trauma to the magazine and revealed she attempted suicide a couple of times due to her abusive father.

Talking to the magazine, she opened up about how her difficult childhood played a key role in shaping her present. Urfi grew up in a strict, conservative family in Lucknow and is the second of 5 kids. She revealed, "He (her father) used to beat us a lot, used to beat my mother too. And the verbal abuse was a daily thing. Someone calling you a randi every day, it fucks you up. I attempted suicide also a couple of times. I barely left the house, my father wouldn't allow it." 


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She further added that fashion always fascinated her. "But I used to watch a lot of TV, and I was always interested in fashion. I didn’t have a lot of fashion knowledge, but I knew what I wanted to wear. I wanted to look different, I wanted to look the best. Like when I go to a party, everyone turns to look at me," Urfi shared. 

Apart from being the cover face of the magazine's latest edition, Urfi also turned muse for veteran designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla for their Dazzle Collection. 

(Source: The Dirty Magazine)