Shoppers criticize ASOS with their new South Asian Bridal Collection, call it 'bland and boring'


One of the biggest international online clothing brands, ASOS was recently in a bit of hot water after releasing a new line of bridal wear, focusing mainly on lehengas and South Asian styles. The fashion giant recently announced their new line on their social media with, “We’ve just expanded our bridal range.”

However, they were quickly met with backlash and harsh criticisms, from shoppers as they felt that the clothes weren’t traditionally bridal, with many pointing out that the dresses looked more like party wear than bridal. A lot of people expressed concern that this could lead to cultural appropriation and a decline in small businesses that have already been hit hard by the pandemic.

Image Courtesy: ASOS Twitter

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A lot of the comments encouraged South Asians, settled in the UK, to continue supporting small businesses in Southall and Leicester.






On the flip side, however, there were some people who expressed support towards the line, bringing in different diversity and inclusivity by adding South Asian clothing into mainstream clothing. Many of the South Asian community spoke up about their horrible experiences shopping from small businesses and why that would lead them to shop from a fashion giant like ASOS. 



ASOS took back their designs and apologized for hurting the sentiments of the South Asian community with the promise of a better line coming in. 

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